The variable bush viper Atheris squamigera, photographed by Werner Blessing.

Belongs within: Colubroidea.

The Viperidae, vipers, are a family of venomous snakes with a characteristic fang arrangement: the maxilla is reduced, with the fangs the only teeth present. The maxilla rotates to either hold the fangs erect (when striking) or flat against the roof of the mouth (when at rest).

Characters (from Bailon et al. 2002): Trunk vertebrae with hypapophysis, neural arch depressed, centrum convex ventrally with poorly marked subcentral margins, prezygapophyseal facets inclined on horizontal, parapophyseal processes present.

    |--+--Azemiops VH02 [Azemiopinae]
    |  |    `--A. feae VH02
    |  `--Bothriechis schlegelii VH02
    `--+--*Cerastes cerastes VH02
       `--+--Atheris squamigera VH02
          `--Causus VH02
               |--C. resimus VH02
               `--C. rhombeatus VH02

Viperidae incertae sedis:
  Vipera Laurenti 1768 [Viperinae] BG-PQ-C02
    |--V. ammodytes BG-PQ-C02
    |--V. antiqua Szyndlar 1987 RB05
    |--V. aspis (Linnaeus 1758) RB05
    |--V. berus [=Coluber berus, Pelias berus] K08
    |    |--V. b. berus K08
    |    `--V. b. bosniensis K08
    |--V. latastei Boscá 1878 RB05
    |--V. lebetina BG-PQ-C02
    |    |--V. l. lebetina M55
    |    `--V. l. schweizeri Werner 1935 [incl. V. lebetina siphnensis Wettstein 1953] M55
    |--V. meotica Zerova in Szyndlar & Zerova 1992 RB05
    |--V. natiensis Bailon, Garcia-Porta & Quintana-Cardona 2002 BG-PQ-C02
    |--V. nikolski H05
    |--V. palaestinae WA05
    `--V. ursinii K08
         |--V. u. ursinii K08
         `--V. u. rakosiensis Méhely 1893 K08
  Provipera boettgeri Kinkelin 1892 (n. d.) BG-PQ-C02
  Daboia Gray 1842 BG-PQ-C02
    |--D. maxima (Szyndlar 1988) RB05
    `--D. russelii RB05
  Bothrops DS86
    |--B. atrox DS86
    |--B. bilineatus DS86
    |    |--B. b. bilineatus DS86
    |    `--B. b. smaragdinus DS86
    |--B. brazili DS86
    |--B. castelnaudi DS86
    |--B. erythrurus [=Trimeresurus erythrurus] M89
    |--B. formosus M89
    |--B. hyoprorus DS86
    |--B. lojanus C07
    |--B. osbornei C07
    |--B. pictus C07
    |--B. roedingeri C07
    `--B. wagleri M89
  Lachesis Daudin 1803 DS86, BR05
    `--L. muta DS86
  Crotalus MH96 [Crotalinae R88]
    |--C. adamanteus F70
    |--C. aquilus KS93
    |--C. atrox GWN71
    |--C. cerastes MBJ83
    |--C. horridus KS93
    |--C. intermedius KS93
    |--C. mitchelli KS93
    |--C. pricei KS93
    |--C. pusillus KS93
    |--C. tigris KS93
    |--C. triseriatus KS93
    |--C. vergrandis MH96
    `--C. viridis KS93
         |--C. v. viridis KS93
         `--C. v. lutosus KS93
  Calloselasma KS93
  Deinagkistrodon KS93
  Trimeresurus jerdonii KS93, L50
  Sistrurus KS93
    |--S. catenatus KS93
    |    |--S. c. catenatus KS93
    |    `--S. c. edwardsi KS93
    |--S. miliarius KS93
    |    |--S. m. miliarius KS93
    |    `--S. m. barbouri KS93
    `--S. ravus KS93
  Agkistrodon KS93
    |--A. bilineatus KS93
    |    |--A. b. bilineatus KS93
    |    `--A. b. russeolus KS93
    `--A. contortrix W-CL06

*Type species of generic name indicated


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