Flowers and fruit of tear-shrub Vallesia antillana, from here.

Belongs within: Apocynaceae.

The Aspidospermeae are a tribe within the family Apocynaceae that was defined by Sennblad & Bremer (2002) as the most inclusive clade including Aspidosperma and Vallesia but not the Alyxieae, Carisseae, Hunterieae, Melodineae, Plumerieae, Tabernaemontaneae, Vinceae, Willughbieae or Apocynoidina. Members of this clade include herbs, shrubs and trees; some of the latter in the genera Aspidosperma and Alstonia are commercial timber sources.

Synapomorphies (from Sennblad & Bremer 2002): Style heads simple, lacking both stigmatic hollow and upper hair wreath; fruits apocarpous.

<==Aspidospermeae [Alstonieae]
    |  i. s.: Geissospermum SB02
    |         Haplophyton SB02
    |         Microplumeria SB02
    |         Strempeliopsis SB02
    |--+--Vallesia antillana SB02
    |  `--Aspidosperma SB02
    |       |--A. gomezianum C55
    |       `--A. triternatum SB02
    `--Alstonia SB02
         |--A. angustifolia K03
         |--A. constricta H42
         |--A. muelleriana BH07
         |--A. scholaris SB02
         |--A. spatulata C78
         `--A. verticallosa H42

*Type species of generic name indicated


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