Paratarsotomus macropalpis, from Wu et al. (2010).

Belongs within: Anystina.
Contains: Erythracarus.

The Anystidae are a group of fast-moving, predatory mites that are usually reddish in coloration.

Characters (from Otto 2000): Cuticle soft; idiosoma lacking a sejugal furrow; legs arranged in a radiating fashion. Chelicera with movable digit hook-like. Palp tibia bearing one to three claw-like setae. Trichobothria present on basifemora of legs I and II.

    |  i. s.: Tencateia G01
    |           |--T. indica G01
    |           `--T. kanthiensis G01
    |--Anystinae O00
    |    |--Walzia Oudemans 1936 MC13, H98
    |    |    `--W. australica Womersley 1942 H98
    |    `--Anystis von Heyden 1826 SB63
    |         |--*A. cornigerus (Hermann 1804) SB63 (see below for synonymy)
    |         |--A. agilis WL09 [=Actineda agilis G46]
    |         |--A. baccarum (Linnaeus 1758) SB63 (see below for synonymy)
    |         |--A. cornutum (Hermann 1804) [=Trombidium cornutum, Erythracarus cornutum] O99a
    |         |--A. indica G01
    |         |--A. jabanica (Berlese 1905) [=Actineda jabanica] H98
    |         |--A. rosae W91
    |         |--A. salicinus WL09
    |         `--A. wallacei Otto 1992 H01
    `--Erythracarinae O00
         |  i. s.: Mesoanystis Zacharda 1985 O00
         |           `--*M. taymirensis Zacharda 1985 O00
         |         Syblia Oudemans 1936 O00
         |           `--*S. ignipes (Dugès 1834) [=Erythraeus ignipes] O00
         |--+--Erythracarus O00
         |  `--Chaussieria Oudemans 1937 [=Schellenbergia Oudemans 1936 non Heer 1865] O00
         |       |  i. s.: C. flavus (Dugès 1834) O00 [=Erythraeus flavus O99b, Schellenbergia flava O99b]
         |       |--C. pumila Otto 1999 O00
         |       `--+--+--*C. domestica (Koch 1847) O00 (see below for synonymy)
         |          |  |--C. capensis Meyer & Ryke 1960 O00
         |          |  `--+--C. dissimilis Naudo 1977 O00
         |          |     `--C. sanctahelenae Naudo 1977 O00 [incl. C. benoiti Naudo 1977 O00, C. brevis Naudo 1977 O00]
         |          `--+--C. aprica Otto 1999 O00
         |             |--C. pilifera Otto 1999 O00
         |             |--C. pulleni Otto 1999 O00
         |             `--C. warregense (Hirst 1931) O00 [=Tarsotomus warregense O00, Schellenbergia warregense O00]
         `--+--Namadia Meyer & Ueckermann 1987 O00
            |    `--*N. floreata Smith Meyer & Ueckermann 1987 O00
            `--+--Lacteoscythis Pogrebnyak 1995 O00
               |    `--*L. arenaria Pogrebnyak 1995 O00
               `--+--Paratarsotomus Kuznetsov 1983 O00
                  |    |--*P. scutellatus Kuznetsov 1983 O00
                  |    |--P. behningii (Thor 1912) [=Tarsotomus behningii] O00
                  |    |--P. callunae (Oudemans 1936) [=Tarsotomus callunae] O00
                  |    |--P. macropalpis (Banks 1916) [=Tarsotomus macropalpis] O00
                  |    `--P. sabulosus (Berlese 1885) [=Tarsotomus sabulosus] O00
                  `--+--Tarsolarkus Thor 1912 [incl. Neotarsolarcus Kuznetsov 1983] O00
                     |    |--*T. articulosus Thor 1912 (see below for synonymy) O00
                     |    |--T. clypeatus (Kuznetsov 1983) [=*Neotarsolarcus clypeatus] O00
                     |    `--T. longisetus Barilo 1984 O00
                     `--+--Pedidromus Otto 2000 O00
                        |    |--P. durongensis Otto 2000 O00
                        |    |--+--*P. peliculus Otto 2000 O00
                        |    |  `--P. pilotrix Otto 2000 O00
                        |    `--+--P. agitatus Otto 2000 O00
                        |       |--P. curiosus Otto 2000 O00
                        |       `--P. velox Otto 2000 O00
                        `--Tarsotomus Berlese 1882 (see below for synonymy) O00
                             |  i. s.: T. erraticus (Banks 1912) O00
                             |--T. primitivus Otto 1999 O00
                             `--+--+--T. bathurstensis (Meyer & Ryke 1960) (see below for synonymy) O00
                                |  `--+--T. pentagoneus (Smith Meyer & Ueckermann 1987) [=Absoloniana pentagonea] O00
                                |     `--+--*T. hercules (Berlese 1882) O00 (see below for synonymy)
                                |        |--T. amentatus (Barilo 1984) [=Absoloniana amentata] O00
                                |        |--T. bestiolus (Barilo 1984) [=Absoloniana bestiola] O00
                                |        `--+--T. alticolus (Hirst 1927) [=*Anandia alticola] O00
                                |           `--T. ignicolus (Barilo 1984) [=*Parabsolonia ignicola] O00
                                `--+--+--T. aiolos Otto 1999 O00
                                   |  `--+--T. pusillus Otto 1999 O00
                                   |     `--T. pygmaeus Otto 1999 O00
                                   `--+--T. aleantis Otto 1999 O00
                                      `--+--T. anubis Otto 1999 O00
                                         |--+--T. ambitus Otto 1999 O00
                                         |  `--T. comosus Otto 1999 O00
                                         `--+--T. argillus Otto 1999 O00
                                            |--T. dioxis Otto 1999 O00
                                            `--+--T. abruptus Otto 1999 O00
                                               |--T. solatus Otto 1999 O00
                                               `--+--T. desertorus Otto 1999 O00
                                                  |--T. dianellus Otto 1999 O00
                                                  |--T. heliophilus Otto 1999 O00
                                                  `--+--T. colossus Otto 1999 O00
                                                     `--T. velopes Otto 1999 O00

Anystis baccarum (Linnaeus 1758) SB63 [=Acarus baccarum SB63; incl. An. jabanica V25, An. voigtsi Oudemans 1936 O91, An. velox V25]

*Anystis cornigerus (Hermann 1804) SB63 [=Trombidium cornigerum SB63, Actineda cornigera CF77; incl. Ac. triangularis CF77]

*Chaussieria domestica (Koch 1847) O00 [=Erythraeus domesticus O00, Schellenbergia domestica O99b, Tarsotomus domesticus O99b; incl. Tarsotomus berlesei Oudemans 1906 O99b, Chaussieria berlesei O99b, Erythracarus berlesei O99b, Schellenbergia berlesei O99b, Chaussieria maritima Evans & Browning 1953 O99b, Erythraeus venustissimus Berlese 1882 O99b, Chausseria (l. c.) venustissima O99b, Chaussieria venustissima O99b, Erythracarus venustissimus O99b, Schellenbergia venustissima O99b]

*Tarsolarkus articulosus Thor 1912 [incl. Erythracarus cluozzai Schweizer & Bader 1963, T. oudemansi Barilo 1984] O00

Tarsotomus Berlese 1882 [incl. Absoloniana Willmann 1940, Anandia Hirst 1927, Parabsolonia Barilo 1984, Paranandia Smith Meyer & Ueckermann 1987] O00

Tarsotomus bathurstensis (Meyer & Ryke 1960) [=Anandia bathurstensis, *Paranandia bathurstensis] O00

*Tarsotomus hercules (Berlese 1882) O00 [=Erythraeus hercules O00, Erythracarus hercules O99a; incl. *Absoloniana diversipes Willmann 1940 O00, Erythraeus hercules nivalis Schweizer 1922 non Rhyncholophus nivalis Heer 1845 SB63]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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