Paratarsotomus macropalpis, from Wu et al. (2010).

Belongs within: Anystina.
Contains: Erythracarus.

The Anystidae are a group of fast-moving, predatory mites that are usually reddish in coloration. They are divided between the subfamilies Anystinae and Erythracarinae, with members of the latter having flexible leg tarsi that are commonly divided into pseudosegments (Otto 2000). The Anystinae are mostly broader-bodied species with three claws on the palptibia (Walter et al. 2009).

Characters (from Otto 2000): Cuticle soft; idiosoma lacking a sejugal furrow; legs arranged in a radiating fashion. Chelicera with movable digit hook-like. Palp tibia bearing one to three claw-like setae. Trichobothria present on basifemora of legs I and II.

    |  i. s.: Tencateia G01
    |           |--T. indica G01
    |           `--T. kanthiensis G01
    |--Anystinae O00
    |    |--Walzia Oudemans 1936 non Sorokīn 1871 (ICBN) MC13, H98
    |    |    `--W. australica Womersley 1942 H98
    |    `--Anystis von Heyden 1826 H98
    |         |--*A. cornigerus (Hermann 1804) SB63 (see below for synonymy)
    |         |--A. agilis WL09 [=Actineda agilis G46]
    |         |--A. baccarum (Linnaeus 1758) H98 (see below for synonymy)
    |         |--A. cornutum (Hermann 1804) [=Trombidium cornutum, Erythracarus cornutum] O99a
    |         |--A. indica G01
    |         |--A. jabanica (Berlese 1905) [=Actineda jabanica] H98
    |         |--A. rosae W91
    |         |--A. salicinus WL09
    |         |--A. venustula Koch & Berendt 1854 S93
    |         `--A. wallacei Otto 1992 H98
    `--Erythracarinae O00
         |  i. s.: Mesoanystis Zacharda 1985 O00
         |           `--*M. taymirensis Zacharda 1985 O00
         |         Syblia Oudemans 1936 O00
         |           `--*S. ignipes (Dugès 1834) [=Erythraeus ignipes] O00
         |--+--Erythracarus O00
         |  `--Chaussieria Oudemans 1937 [=Schellenbergia Oudemans 1936 non Heer 1865] O00
         |       |  i. s.: C. flavus (Dugès 1834) O00 [=Erythraeus flavus O99b, Schellenbergia flava O99b]
         |       |--C. pumila Otto 1999 O00
         |       `--+--+--*C. domestica (Koch 1847) O00 (see below for synonymy)
         |          |  |--C. capensis Meyer & Ryke 1960 O00
         |          |  `--+--C. dissimilis Naudo 1977 O00
         |          |     `--C. sanctahelenae Naudo 1977 O00 (see below for synonmy)
         |          `--+--C. aprica Otto 1999 O00
         |             |--C. pilifera Otto 1999 O00
         |             |--C. pulleni Otto 1999 O00
         |             `--C. warregense (Hirst 1931) O00 [=Tarsotomus warregense O99b, Schellenbergia warregense O99b]
         `--+--Namadia Meyer & Ueckermann 1987 O00
            |    `--*N. floreata Smith Meyer & Ueckermann 1987 O00
            `--+--Lacteoscythis Pogrebnyak 1995 O00
               |    `--*L. arenaria Pogrebnyak 1995 O00
               `--+--Paratarsotomus Kuznetsov 1983 O00
                  |    |--*P. scutellatus Kuznetsov 1983 O00
                  |    |--P. behningii (Thor 1912) [=Tarsotomus behningii] O00
                  |    |--P. callunae (Oudemans 1936) [=Tarsotomus callunae] O00
                  |    |--P. macropalpis (Banks 1916) [=Tarsotomus macropalpis] O00
                  |    `--P. sabulosus (Berlese 1885) [=Tarsotomus sabulosus] O00
                  `--+--Tarsolarkus Thor 1912 [incl. Neotarsolarcus Kuznetsov 1983] O00
                     |    |--*T. articulosus Thor 1912 (see below for synonymy) O00
                     |    |--T. clypeatus (Kuznetsov 1983) [=*Neotarsolarcus clypeatus] O00
                     |    `--T. longisetus Barilo 1984 O00
                     `--+--Pedidromus Otto 2000 O00
                        |    |--P. durongensis Otto 2000 O00
                        |    |--+--*P. peliculus Otto 2000 O00
                        |    |  `--P. pilotrix Otto 2000 O00
                        |    `--+--P. agitatus Otto 2000 O00
                        |       |--P. curiosus Otto 2000 O00
                        |       `--P. velox Otto 2000 O00
                        `--Tarsotomus Berlese 1882 (see below for synonymy) O00
                             |  i. s.: T. erraticus (Banks 1912) O00
                             |--T. primitivus Otto 1999 O00
                             `--+--+--T. bathurstensis (Meyer & Ryke 1960) (see below for synonymy) O00
                                |  `--+--T. pentagoneus (Smith Meyer & Ueckermann 1987) [=Absoloniana pentagonea] O00
                                |     `--+--*T. hercules (Berlese 1882) O00 (see below for synonymy)
                                |        |--T. amentatus (Barilo 1984) [=Absoloniana amentata] O00
                                |        |--T. bestiolus (Barilo 1984) [=Absoloniana bestiola] O00
                                |        `--+--T. alticolus (Hirst 1927) [=*Anandia alticola] O00
                                |           `--T. ignicolus (Barilo 1984) [=*Parabsolonia ignicola] O00
                                `--+--+--T. aiolos Otto 1999 O00
                                   |  `--+--T. pusillus Otto 1999 O00
                                   |     `--T. pygmaeus Otto 1999 O00
                                   `--+--T. aleantis Otto 1999 O00
                                      `--+--T. anubis Otto 1999 O00
                                         |--+--T. ambitus Otto 1999 O00
                                         |  `--T. comosus Otto 1999 O00
                                         `--+--T. argillus Otto 1999 O00
                                            |--T. dioxis Otto 1999 O00
                                            `--+--T. abruptus Otto 1999 O00
                                               |--T. solatus Otto 1999 O00
                                               `--+--T. desertorus Otto 1999 O00
                                                  |--T. dianellus Otto 1999 O00
                                                  |--T. heliophilus Otto 1999 O00
                                                  `--+--T. colossus Otto 1999 O00
                                                     `--T. velopes Otto 1999 O00

Anystis baccarum (Linnaeus 1758) H98 [=Acarus baccarum H98; incl. Actineda setosa Koch 1879 T05, Anystis velox V25, An. voigtsi Oudemans 1936 O91]

*Anystis cornigerus (Hermann 1804) SB63 [=Trombidium cornigerum SB63, Actineda cornigera CF77; incl. Ac. triangularis CF77]

*Chaussieria domestica (Koch 1847) O00 [=Erythraeus domesticus O00, Schellenbergia domestica O99b, Tarsotomus domesticus O99b; incl. Tarsotomus berlesei Oudemans 1906 O99b, Chaussieria berlesei O99b, Erythracarus berlesei O99b, Schellenbergia berlesei O99b, Chaussieria maritima Evans & Browning 1953 O99b, Erythraeus venustissimus Berlese 1882 O99b, Chausseria (l. c.) venustissima O99b, Chaussieria venustissima O99b, Erythracarus venustissimus O99b, Schellenbergia venustissima O99b]

Chaussieria sanctahelenae Naudo 1977 O00 [incl. C. benoiti Naudo 1977 O99b, C. brevis Naudo 1977 O99b]

*Tarsolarkus articulosus Thor 1912 [incl. Erythracarus cluozzai Schweizer & Bader 1963, T. oudemansi Barilo 1984] O00

Tarsotomus Berlese 1882 [incl. Absoloniana Willmann 1940, Anandia Hirst 1927, Parabsolonia Barilo 1984, Paranandia Smith Meyer & Ueckermann 1987] O00

Tarsotomus bathurstensis (Meyer & Ryke 1960) [=Anandia bathurstensis, *Paranandia bathurstensis] O00

*Tarsotomus hercules (Berlese 1882) O00 [=Erythraeus hercules O00, Erythracarus hercules O99a; incl. *Absoloniana diversipes Willmann 1940 O00, Erythraeus hercules nivalis Schweizer 1922 non Rhyncholophus nivalis Heer 1845 SB63]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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