Dorsum of female Adamystis yvesi, from Ueckermann (1989).

Belongs within: Prostigmata.
Contains: Caeculidae, Paratydeoidea, Anystidae, Teneriffiidae.

The Anystina are a diverse group of mostly predatory mites, members of which have the fixed cheliceral digits reduced and the movable digit often blade- or sickle-like. A well-developed palpal thumb-claw process is also often present. Many members of the Anystina are associated with dry soils and litter; these include the Adamystidae, a group of medium-sized reddish mites with a sclerotised plate covering much of the dorsum. The Anystoidea are soft-bodied mites, with at most only a weakly-developed prodorsal shield. These include the Pseudocheylidae, characterised by pad-like tarsal apoteles padlike, produced on annulate stalks, reduced palptarsi, and the absence of genital papillae. The Paratydeoidea are soft-bodied, elongate mites with the front two pairs of legs widely separated from the rear two pairs (Walter et al. 2009).

<==Anystina [Anystae, Anystides] DPD16
    |  i. s.: Pomerantziidae [Pomerantzioidea] ZF11
    |           |--Apomerantzia WL09
    |           `--Pomerantzia WL09
    |                |--P. charlesi WL09
    |                |--P. philippina WL09
    |                `--P. subterranea WL09
    |--Adamystidae [Adamystoidea] OW01
    |    |--Saxidrominae [Saxidromidae] FL10
    |    |    |--Saxidromus Coineau 1974 U89
    |    |    |    |--*S. delamarei Coineau 1974 U89
    |    |    |    |--S. anahoffmannae Lopez-Campos 1996 FL10
    |    |    |    |--S. caribeus Palacios-Vargus & Prieto-Trueba 1995 FL10
    |    |    |    `--S. knoepffleri Coineau 1974 U89
    |    |    |--Bovidromus roussouwi Coineau et al. 2006 FL10
    |    |    `--Rhinodromus lootsi Coineau et al. 2006 FL10
    |    `--Adamystis Cunliffe 1957 U89 [Adamystinae FL10]
    |         |--*A. donnae Cunliffe 1957 U89
    |         |--A. beckyanneae McDaniel & Bolen 1983 U89
    |         |--A. buchelis Ueckermann 1989 U89
    |         |--A. coineaui Rafalski 1982 U89
    |         |--A. doumengei Coineau 1974 U89
    |         |--A. fonsi Coineau 1974 U89
    |         |--A. monomaculata Ueckermann 1989 U89
    |         |--A. nudis Ueckermann 1989 U89
    |         |--A. oculeusis Ueckermann 1989 U89
    |         |--A. sarae Hunter & Crossley 1968 U89
    |         |--A. sartorum Barilo 1987 FL10
    |         |--A. thailandensis Fuangarworn & Lekprayoon 2010 FL10
    |         |--A. trimaculata Ueckermann 1989 U89
    |         `--A. yvesi Ueckermann 1989 U89
    `--+--Caeculidae OW01
       `--+--Paratydeoidea DPD16
          `--Anystoidea ZF11
               |--Anystidae OW01
               |--Pseudocheylidae [Pseudochelidae] ZF11
               |    |--Pseudocheylus Berlese 1888 S76
               |    |    `--P. americanus (Ewing 1909) [=Cheyletiella americana] S76
               |    |--Neocheylus Trägårdh 1906 H98
               |    |    |--N. americanus WL09
               |    |    |--N. collis Baker & Atyeo 1964 H98
               |    |    `--N. nidicolus WL09
               |    `--Anoplocheylus Berlese 1910 [incl. Rhagina Womersley 1935] H98
               |         |--A. clavatus Baker & Atyeo 1964 H98
               |         |--A. protea (Womersley 1935) [=Rhagina protea] H98
               |         |--A. tauricus WL09
               |         `--A. transiens WL09
               `--Teneriffiidae ZF11

*Type species of generic name indicated


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Last updated: 19 July 2022.

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