Dorsum (left) and venter of Ereynetes meliponae, from OConnor & Klimov (2012).

Belongs within: Tydeidae.
Contains: Pronematinae, Speleognathinae.

The Procurvata are a group of mites united by a procurved dehiscence line across the prodorsum (André & Fain 2000). It unites the Ereynetidae, which have two pairs of genital papillae, a characteristic deeply recessed solenidion in a sac-like structure on the first leg tarsus, and are often ornamented in a net-like pattern on the prodorsum and legs, and the Iolinidae, which have a single pair of genital papillae and usually have three or four elongated setae at the end of the tarsus (Walter et al. 2009).

<==Procurvata AF00
    |--Iolinidae [Iolinoidea] AF00
    |    |--Pronematinae WL09
    |    `--Tydaeolinae DW10
    |         |--Microtydeus Thor 1931 WL09, A05
    |         |    `--M. beltrani M83
    |         `--Tydaeolus WL09
    |              |--T. krantzi M83
    |              |--T. loadmani M83
    |              `--T. tenuiclaviger AF00
    `--Ereynetidae [Ereynetinae] AF00
         |  i. s.: Opsereynetes Thor 1932 AF00
         |           `--O. simplexus Baker 1945 AF00
         |         Hanriccardoella WL09
         |         Coccotydeus G39
         |         Aureliania Fain 1958 H98
         |           `--A. aureliani (Fain 1955) [=Boydaia aureliani, Neoboydaia aureliani, N. aureliania (l. c.)] H98
         |         Domrownetes OConnor 1978 H98
         |           `--D. exul (Domrow 1975) [=Paraspeleognathopsis exul] H98
         |         Neospeleognathopsis Fain 1958 H98
         |           `--N. pteropus Fain & Lukoschus 1979 H98
         |         Ophthalmognathus Dubinin 1957 [incl. Neospeleognathus Fain 1958] H98
         |         Paraspeleognathopsis Fain 1958 H98
         |           |--P. bakeri (Fain 1955) [=Speleognathopsis bakeri] H98
         |           |--P. derricki (Womersley 1954) [=Boydaia derricki, Astrida derricki] H98
         |           `--P. exaeta Domrow 1991 H98
         |         Psittaboydaia Fain 1985 H98
         |           |--P. psittaculae (Fain 1962) [=Neoboydaia psittaculae] H98
         |           `--P. trichoglossi (Fain 1970) [=Aureliania trichoglossi] H98
         |         Ralliboydaia Fain 1962 H98
         |           `--R. porphyrionis (Domrow 1965) [=Speleognathopsis porphyrionis] H98
         |--Gymnereynetes Fain 1964 AF00, F76
         |    `--G. macquariensis (Fain 1962) [=Ereynetes (Gymnereynetes) macquariensis] F76
         |--Pseudotydeus [Pseudotydeinae] AF00
         |    `--P. perplexus AF00
         |--+--Huntereynetes Fain 1964 AF00
         |  |    `--*H. scutulis (Hunter 1964) [=Ereynetoides scutulis, Ereynetes (*Huntereynetes) scutulis] AF00
         |  `--+--Hydranetes Kethley 1971 AF00
         |     |    `--H. tropisternus AF00
         |     `--+--Speleognathinae AF00
         |        `--Lawrencarinae AF00
         |             |--Xenopacarus africanus AF00, WL09
         |             `--+--Batracarus hylaranae AF00, AF91
         |                `--Lawrencarus AF00
         |                     |--L. angelae (Womersley 1953) [=Boydaia angelae] H98
         |                     |--L. domrowi Fain 1961 H98
         |                     |--L. eweri WL09
         |                     |--L. hylae Fain 1961 H98
         |                     |    |--L. h. hylae AF00
         |                     |    `--L. h. afrixali AF00
         |                     `--L. lechriodi AF00
         `--+--+--Proriccardoella AF00
            |  `--Riccardoella Berlese 1923 AF00
            |       |--*R. limacum (Schrank 1781) [=Acarus limacum] SB63
            |       |--R. concolor RP91
            |       `--R. oudemansi Thor 1932 PM88
            `--Ereynetes Berlese 1883 AF00 [incl. Protereunetes Berlese 1923 ZF11, SB63]
                 |  i. s.: E. berlesei Oudemans 1928 SB63
                 |         *Protereunetes’ agilis Berlese 1923 SB63
                 |         ‘Micrereunetes (Protereneutes)’ brevipes Berlese 1923 SB63
                 |         E. exilis AF00
                 |         E. limacum S22
                 |         E. ministralis (Koch 1838) [=Tydeus ministralis] SB63
                 |         E. papuanus AF00
                 |--E. (Ereynetes) AF00
                 |    |--*E. (E.) polymitus AF00 (see below for synonymy)
                 |    |--E. (E.) faini S76
                 |    |--E. (E.) husatoi Shiba 1976 S76
                 |    `--E. (E.) tadakii Shiba 1976 S76
                 `--E. (Anereynetes) meliponae AF00

*Ereynetes (Ereynetes) polymitus AF00 [=Tydeus polymitus AF00; incl. T. celeripes CF77, T. melanchlaenus CF77, T. tetranemus CF77]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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Last updated: 23 April 2018.

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