Chlamys islandicus, copyright Acélan.

Belongs within: Pectinidae.

Chlamys is a genus of scallops that first appeared in the Triassic. Members of the genus generally live in fissures attached to the substrate by a byssus. In members of the type subgenus, the cardinal teeth of the hinge are weak or nearly obsolete. The Late Cretaceous subgenus Lyriochlamys is characterised by an interlocking rib pattern and small gibbous shell (Stilwell 1998).

Chlamys Röding 1798 S98
    |--*C. (Chlamys) islandicus (Müller 1776) S98 [=Pecten islandicus S98; incl. P. fabricii C64]
    |--C. (Lyriochlamys Sobetski 1977) S98
    |    |--C. (*L.) fissicosta (Etheridge 1881) [=Pecten fissicosta] S98
    |    `--C. (L.) propesalebrosa Darragh & Kendrick 1991 [=C. (Microchlamys) propesalebrosa] S98
    |--C. (*Microchlamys) pulchella (Nilsson 1827) [=Pecten pulchellus] S98
    `--C. (Zygochlamys Ihering 1907) P61
         |--C. (*Z.) geminata [=Pecten geminata] P61
         `--C. (Z.) delicatula (Hutton 1873) [incl. C. campbellicus Odhner 1924, C. subantarctica Hedley 1916] P61

Chlamys incertae sedis:
  C. anguineus Finlay 1927 [=Pecten undulatus Sowerby 1842 non Nilsson 1827] F27b
  C. antiaustralis F27a
  C. bruei PP64
  C. challengeri (Smith 1891) MG-H11
  C. clavata PP64
  C. commutata PP64
  C. convexus F27a
  C. cookei Dall, Bartsch & Rehder 1938 BW09
  C. coruscans (Hinds 1854) W84
  C. cracenticostata Darragh & Kendrick 1991 S98
  C. crassicostatus (Sowerby 1842) [=Pecten crassicostatus] H09
  C. cretosus Defr. 1822 [incl. Pecten undulatus Nilsson 1827] F27b
  C. crouchi Smith 1892 H09
  C. cruentatus (Reeve 1853) [=Pecten cruentatus] H09
  C. cuneatus (Reeve 1853) [=Pecten cuneatus] H09
  C. distorta T-Q84
  C. dringi (Reeve 1853) [=Pecten dringi] H09
  C. flabellatus (Lamarck 1819) [=Pecten flabellatus] H09
  C. flexuosa PP64
  C. fricatus (Reeve 1853) [=Pecten fricatus] H09
  C. funebris (Reeve 1853) BW09 [=Pecten funebris H09]
  C. hastata GW02
  C. hericius (Gould 1850) R78
  C. imparicostatus [=C. imparvicostatus (l. c.)] F27a
  C. kaiparaensis Finlay 1924 [=Pecten subconvexus Marshall 1918 (preoc.)] F27b
  C. kotakiensis Takai & Hayami 1957 SB93
  C. lemniscatus (Reeve 1853) [=Pecten lemniscatus] H09
  C. lentiginosus (Reeve 1853) [=Pecten lentiginosus] H09
  C. limatula (Reeve 1853) [=Pecten limatula] H09
  C. lowei (Hertlein 1935) PP78
  C. madreporarum (Sowerby 1847) [=Pecten madreporarum] H09
  C. maldivensis Smith 1904 H09
  C. moretonicus Finlay 1927 [=Pecten pulchellus Reeve 1853 non Nilsson 1827] F27b
  C. multistriata PP64
  C. opercularis T-Q84
  C. pacifica Broderip 1835 BW09
  C. pallium (Linnaeus 1758) [=Ostrea pallium] H09
  C. pasca (Dall 1908) W84
  C. patagonicus F27a
  C. pesfelis PP64
  C. pseudolima (Sowerby 1842) [=Pecten pseudolima] H09
  C. ruoergaiensis TE01
  C. senatoria (Gmelin 1791) W84, H09 [=Ostrea senatoria H09]
    |--C. s. senatoria W84
    `--C. s. nobilis (Reeve 1852) W84
  C. septemradiata P75
  C. serratus H08
  C. singaporinus (Sowerby 1842) [=Pecten singaporinus] H09
  C. squamata (Gmelin 1791) W84
  C. strangei (Reeve 1852) [=Pecten strangei] H09
  C. tigrina PP64
  C. townsendi (Sowerby 1895) ES88
  C. varia GW02

*Type species of generic name indicated


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