The forest fever tree Anthocleista grandiflora, photographed by Noraaron.

Belongs within: Gentianales.

The Potalioideae are a pantropical assemblage (with one genus each in Africa, Australasia and the Americas) of three genera of the plant family Gentianaceae. Potalioids differ from other members of the family in being woody rather than herbaceous, and possessing fleshy fruits. However, their relationship to other members of Gentianaceae has been demonstrated by chemical and molecular analysis.

<==Potalioideae [Potalieae]
    |--Anthocleista grandiflora T00, BJ99
    |--Potalia T00
    `--Fagraea T00
         |  i. s.: F. crenulata P88
         |         F. dasyantha Gilg & Bened. 1916 (n. d.) C95
         |         F. ledermannii Gilg & Bened. 1916 (n. d.) C95
         |         F. melanochlora Gilg & Bened. 1916 (n. d.) C95
         |         F. monticola Gilg & Bened. 1916 (n. d.) C95
         |--F. sect. Fagraea C95
         |    |--F. amabilis Moore 1923 [incl. F. elata Merr. & Perry 1942] C95
         |    |--F. annulata Hiern 1909 C95
         |    |--F. berteroana Gray ex Benth. 1856 (see below for synonymy) C95
         |    |--F. bodenii Wernh. 1916 (see below for synonymy) C95
         |    |--F. cambagei C95
         |    |--F. carstensensis Wernh. 1916 C95
         |    |--F. ceilanica Thunberg 1782 (see below for synonymy) C95
         |    |--F. dolichopoda Gilg & Bened. 1916 C95
         |    |--F. eymae Backer in Leenh. 1962 C95
         |    |--F. fagraeacea [incl. F. muelleri Benth. 1869] C95
         |    |--F. gracilipes C95
         |    |--F. obtusifolia Merr. & Perry 1942 C95
         |    |--F. salticola Leenh. 1962 C95
         |    `--F. woodiana Muell. 1886 [incl. F. anthocleistifolia Gilg & Bened. 1916] C95
         |--F. sect. Crytophyllum C95
         |    |--F. elliptica Roxburgh 1824 [incl. F. pseudoelliptica Kan. & Hat. 1942] C95
         |    |--F. fragrans Roxburgh 1824 C95
         |    `--F. umbelliflora Gilg & Bened. 1916 C95
         `--F. (sect. Racemosae) racemosa Jack ex Wallich in Roxburgh 1924 [incl. F. rodatzii Sch. & Laut. 1901] C95

Fagraea berteroana Gray ex Benth. 1856 [incl. F. affinis Moore 1923, F. calophylloides Gilg & Bened. 1916, F. novae-guineae Cammerl. 1924, F. pachypoda Gilg & Bened. 1916, F. obovata var. papuana Bail. 1898, F. peekelii Gilg & Bened. 1916, F. pluvialis Moore 1929, F. salomonensis Gilg & Bened. 1921] C95

Fagraea bodenii Wernh. 1916 [incl. F. ampla Moore 1923, F. jasminodora Gilg & Bened. 1916, F. papuana Merr. & Perry 1942 non F. obovata var. papuana Bail. 1898, F. suaveolens Cammerl. 1924] C95

Fagraea ceilanica Thunberg 1782 [incl. F. angiensis Kan. & Hat. 1942, F. archboldiana Merr. & Perry 1942, F. gardeniaeflora, F. littoralis Bl. 1826, F. obovata Wallich 1824, F. rostrata Bl. 1838, F. ternatana Miq. 1866] C95

*Type species of generic name indicated


[BJ99] Bremer, B., R. K. Jansen, B. Oxelman, M. Backlund, H. Lantz & K.-J. Kim. 1999. More characters or more taxa for a robust phylogeny – case study from the coffee family (Rubiaceae). Systematic Biology 48 (3): 413-435.

[C95] Conn, B. J. 1995. Loganiaceae. In Handbooks of the Flora of Papua New Guinea vol. 3 (B. J. Conn, ed.) pp. 132-188. Melbourne University Press: Carlton (Australia).

[P88] Polunin, I. 1988. Plants and Flowers of Malaysia. Times Editions: Singapore.

[T00] Thorne, R. F. 2000. The classification and geography of the flowering plants: Dicotyledons of the class Angiospermae (subclasses Magnoliidae, Ranunculidae, Caryophyllidae, Dilleniidae, Rosidae, Asteridae, and Lamiidae). The Botanical Review 66: 441-647.

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