Broadleaf Griselinia littoralis, photographed by Jon Sullivan.

Belongs within: Gentianidae.
Contains: Pittosporaceae, Araliaceae, Apiaceae.

The Apiales is an order of flowering plants within the asterid clade. The clade is mainly supported by molecular analyses, but members do have some shared morphological features.

Characters (from Kårehed 2003): Flowers choripetalous, corollas developing from ring primordium (early sympetaly) (at least in Apiaceae, Araliaceae and Pittosporaceae). Stamens with free filaments (occasionally basally connate in Pittosporaceae), anthers opening by longitudinal slits (sometimes from apical pore in Pittosporaceae). Ovules anatropous, unitegmic.

<==Apiales [Araliales, Umbellales]
    |--Pennantia [Pennantiaceae] K03
    |    |--*P. corymbosa K03
    |    |--P. baylisiana K03
    |    |--P. cunninghamii K03
    |    `--P. endlicheri K03
    `--+--+--Torricellia [Torricelliaceae] K03
       |  |    |--T. angulata K03
       |  |    `--T. tiliifolia K03
       |  `--+--Aralidium [Aralidiaceae] K03
       |     |    `--A. pinnatifidum K03
       |     `--Melanophylla [Melanophyllaceae] K03
       |          |--M. alnifolia K03
       |          |--M. aucubifolia K03
       |          |--M. crenata K03
       |          |--M. madagascariensis K03
       |          `--M. perrieri K03
       `--+--Griselinia [Griseliniaceae] K03
          |    |--G. jodinifolia K03
          |    |--G. littoralis K03
          |    |--G. lucida K03
          |    `--G. racemosa K03
          `--+--Pittosporales T00
             |    |--Pittosporaceae K03
             |    `--Byblis [Byblidaceae] T00
             `--+--Araliaceae K03
                |--Apiaceae K03
                `--+--Myodocarpaceae K03
                   |    |--Pseudosciadium T00
                   |    |--Myodocarpus K03
                   |    |    |--M. elegans K03
                   |    |    `--M. pinnatus K03
                   |    `--Delarbrea K03
                   |         |--D. collina Vieill. 1865 [incl. D. lauterbachii Harms 1900] P95
                   |         |--D. michieana K03
                   |         `--D. paradoxa K03
                   `--Mackinlayaceae K03
                        |--Apiopetalum T00
                        |--Micropleura T00
                        |--Spananthe T00
                        |--Centella K03
                        |    |--C. asiatica K03
                        |    |--C. cordifolia GK00
                        |    `--C. uniflora (Colenso 1885) Nannfeldt 1924 CA27
                        |--Mackinlaya K03
                        |    |--M. celebica (Harms) Philipson 1951 (see below for synonymy) P95
                        |    |--M. macrosciadia K03
                        |    |--M. radiata Philipson 1951 P95
                        |    `--M. schlechteri (Harms) Philipson 1951 (see below for synonymy) P95
                        `--Actinotus K03
                             |--A. forsythii K03
                             |--A. glomeratus GK00
                             `--A. helianthi K03

Mackinlaya celebica (Harms) Philipson 1951 [incl. M. amplifolia Hemsley 1909, Anomopanax arfakensis Gibbs 1917, Polyscias cibaria White & Francis in Lane Poole 1925, A. variabilis White 1929] P95
Mackinlaya schlechteri (Harms) Philipson 1951 [=Anomopanax schlechteri Harms 1905; incl. M. brassii Philipson 1951, M. klossii Philipson 1951, M. subulata Philipson 1951, Anomopanax versteegii Harms 1905, M. versteegii (Harms) Philipson 1951] P95

*Type species of generic name indicated


[CA27] Cockayne, L., & H. H. Allan. 1927. Notes on New Zealand floristic botany, including descriptions of new species, &c. (No. 5). Transactions and Proceedings of the New Zealand Institute 57: 48-72.

[GK00] Gibson, N., & G. J. Keighery. 2000. Flora and vegetation of the Byenup-Muir reserve system, south-west Western Australia. CALMScience 3 (3): 323-402.

[K03] Kårehed, J. 2003. The family Pennantiaceae and its relationships to Apiales. Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society 141: 1-24.

[P95] Philipson, W. R. 1995. Araliaceae (excluding Schefflera). In Handbooks of the Flora of Papua New Guinea vol. 3 (B. J. Conn, ed.) pp. 1-48. Melbourne University Press: Carlton (Australia).

[T00] Thorne, R. F. 2000. The classification and geography of the flowering plants: Dicotyledons of the class Angiospermae (subclasses Magnoliidae, Ranunculidae, Caryophyllidae, Dilleniidae, Rosidae, Asteridae, and Lamiidae). The Botanical Review 66: 441-647.

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