Arca diluvii, copyright Hectonichus.

Belongs within: Arcoidea.

The Arcinae are a group of byssally-attached bivalves that are first definitely known from the Jurassic. Members of the type genus, Arca, have elongate, inaequilateral shells with a subrectangular to subtrapezoidal shape, that are commonly expanded or auriculate posteriorly (Cox et al. 1969).

Characters (from Cox et al. 1969): Nestling or rock-boring forms characteristically with byssal gape and commonly corresponding shallow sinus at ventral margin for emergence of byssus; ventral border not crenulate.

    |--Acar Gray 1857 BD86, K07
    |    |--*A. divaricata P61
    |    |--A. gradata [=Arca gradata] F27a
    |    |--A. sandersonae Powell 1933 P61
    |    `--A. sociella (Brookes 1926) [=Arca sociella] F27a
    `--Arca Linne 1758 SY85
         |  i. s.: A. acupicta Viader 1951 L96
         |         A. afra Gmelin 1791 H09
         |         A. approximata Viader 1951 L96
         |         A. avellana Lamarck 1819 BW09
         |         A. boucardi KBC03
         |         A. clathrata Defrance 1816 [incl. A. clathrata Lamarck 1819 non Defrance 1816] F27b
         |         A. ‘clathrata’ Reeve 1844 (n. d.) nec Defrance 1816 nec Lamarck 1819 F27b
         |         A. corpulenta Smith 1885 H09
         |         A. cottoni Waghorn 1927 W27
         |         A. dautzenbergi Lamy 1907 H09
         |         A. decussata (Sowerby 1833) [=Byssoarca decussata] H09
         |         A. disparilis Reeve 1844 H09
         |         A. elegans Viader 1951 L96
         |         A. euryta [incl. A. clathrata Leckenby 1858 nec Defrance 1816 nec Lamarck 1819 nec Reeve 1844] F27b
         |         A. fasciata Reeve 1844 H09
         |         A. foliata Forskäl 1775 H09
         |         A. fusca Bruguière 1792 H09
         |         A. glacialis Mighels 1843 J49
         |         A. granosa Linnaeus 1758 H09
         |         A. hectori Woods 1917 F27a
         |         A. imbricata Bruguière 1792 H09
         |         A. lateralis Reeve 1844 H09
         |         A. lienardi Viader 1951 L96
         |         A. navicularis Bruguière 1789 MG-H11
         |         A. noae (Linnaeus 1758) M12
         |         A. obesa Sowerby 1833 F27b
         |         A. pilula Reeve 1844 H09
         |         A. reticulata F27a
         |         A. semitorta Lamarck 1819 H09
         |         A. squamosa M54
         |         A. tenebrica Reeve 1844 H09
         |         A. tenella Reeve 1844 H09
         |         A. tortuosa Linnaeus 1758 H09
         |         A. tetragona GW02
         |         A. ventricosa Lamarck 1819 MG-H11
         |         A. wendti Lamy 1907 H09
         |--A. (Arca) subvelata Suter 1917 F27a
         |--A. (Anadarca Gray 1847) F27a
         `--A. (Diluvarca Woodring 1925) F27a
              |--A. (*D.) diluvii F27a
              `--A. (D.) trapezia Deshayes 1839 F27a, H09

*Type species of generic name indicated


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