Mamaku Cyathea medullaris, photographed by Kahuroa.

Belongs within: Leptosporangiatae.

The Cyatheaceae are the scaly tree ferns, distinguished by the presence of scales on the stems and petioles. Most species are arborescent, and may reach up to 20 m in height. Major genera can be distinguished by scale morphology: scales of Alsophila possess an apical seta, while those of Cyathea do not (Korall et al. 2007).

<==Cyatheaceae [Cyatheales]
    |--Cnemidaria horrida SL05
    |--Alsophila J87
    |    |--A. hotteana J87
    |    |--A. minor J87
    |    |--A. pruinata L54
    |    |--A. salvinii L54
    |    `--A. woodwardioides [=Nephelea woodwardioides] J87
    |--Cyathocaulis SS04
    `--Cyathea WP05
         |--C. arborea SL05
         |--C. atrox C78
         |--C. chinensis Copel. 1909 (see below for synonymy) I88
         |--C. colensoi [=Alsophila colensoi Hooker 1864] C49
         |--C. cunninghamii A27
         |--C. dealbata L03
         |--C. falciloba [=Hemitelia falciloba Colenso 1892, H. falcifolia (l. c.)] C49
         |--C. furfuracea J87
         |--C. gigantea (Wallich) Holtt. 1935 [=Alsophila gigantea Wallich ex Hooker 1844] I88
         |--C. gleichenioides C78
         |--C. harrisii J87
         |--C. kermadecensis A27
         |--C. medullaris L03
         |--C. microphylla Mett. 1856 C49
         |--C. milnei A27
         |--C. novae-zelandiae (see below for synonymy) C49
         |--C. poeppigii WP05
         |--C. smithii [=Hemitelia smithii Hooker 1865] C49
         `--C. spinulosa Wallich ex Hooker 1844 I88

Cyathea chinensis Copel. 1909 [incl. Amphicosmia brunoniana (Hooker) Bedd. 1883, C. brunoniana (Hooker) Clarke 1880] I88

Cyathea novae-zelandiae [=Hemitelia microphylla Colenso 1895 non Cyathea microphylla Mett. 1856, H. smithii var. microphylla Cheeseman 1906] C49

*Type species of generic name indicated


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