Eylais sp., copyright Tom Murray.

Belongs within: Protohydrachnidia.

Eylais is a cosmopolitan genus of mites found in ponds and temporary pools. Larvae are subelytral parasites on various aquatic Coleoptera and Hemiptera. Deutonymphs and adults predate on ostracods and cladocerans. Species that breed in temporary pools spend much of the year in diapause as larvae attached to their hosts while pools are dry (Walter et al. 2009).

Characters (from Walter et al. 2009): Mouth opening surrounded by distinct membranous fringe; prodorsal plate noticeably wider than long, constricted near middle, bearing one pair of setae; genital acetabula conspicuous.

<==Eylais Latreille 1796 [Eylaidae, Eylaides] RFF05
    |--E. affinis Daday 1901 D01
    |--E. anisitsi Daday 1905 RFF05
    |--E. armata Ribaga 1902 RFF05
    |--E. australica Lundblad 1947 H98
    |--E. brasiliensis Viets 1933 RFF05
    |--E. colpophthalma Ribaga 1902 RFF05
    |--E. columbiensis Walter 1912 RFF05
    |--E. contigua Lundblad 1947 H98
    |--E. crawfordi Viets 1955 RFF05
    |--E. csikii Daday 1901 D01
    |--E. degenerata Koenike 1897 H98
    |--E. diffusa Lundblad 1947 H98
    |--E. discreta (Koenike 1897) W91
    |--E. erecta Viets 1984 H98
    |--E. euryhalina WP99
    |--E. extendens (Müller 1776) [=Hydrachna extendens] H98
    |    |--E. e. extendens H98
    |    `--E. e. tasmanica Szalay 1953 H98
    |--E. glieschi Viets 1933 RFF05
    |--E. hamata D01
    |--E. infundibulifera WP99
    |--E. maccullochi Rainbow 1906 H98
    |--E. major WL09
    |--E. montana Ribaga 1902 RFF05
    |--E. muelleri [incl. E. muelleri var. bifissa Daday 1901] D01
    |--E. multispina Ribaga 1902 RFF05
    |    |--E. m. multispina RFF05
    |    `--E. m. brevipalpis Ribaga 1902 RFF05
    |--E. nichollsi Szalay 1953 H98
    |    |--E. n. nichollsi H98
    |    `--E. n. fraterna Szalay 1953 H98
    |--E. obliquua Viets 1933 RFF05
    |--E. orthophthalma Ribaga 1902 RFF05
    |--E. ovaliporus DPD16
    |--E. parvipons Walter 1919 RFF05
    |--E. perincisa Ribaga 1902 RFF05
    |--E. planipons O91
    |    |--E. p. planipons O91
    |    `--E. p. novata Viets 1942 [incl. E. canariensis Ldbl. 1962] O91
    |--E. protendens Berlese 1888 RFF05
    |    |--E. p. protendens RFF05
    |    |--E. p. distendens Ribaga 1902 (n. d.) RFF05
    |    `--E. p. ornatula Ribaga 1902 (n. d.) RFF05
    |--E. reticulata Lundblad 1947 H98
    |--E. rimosa D01
    |--E. rossica Daday 1901 D01
    |--E. schauinslandi Koenike 1900 QH01
    |--E. setosa D01
    |--E. similis D01
    |--E. soari [incl. E. soari var. aculeata Daday 1901] D01
    |--E. szalayi Lundblad 1947 H98
    |--E. tantilla Koen. 1897 O91
    |--E. tenera D01
    |--E. timmsi Viets 1980 H98
    |--E. triarcuata D01
    |--E. tumidipalpis Lundblad 1947 H98
    |--E. undulosa D01
    |--E. voeltzkowi D01
    |--E. waikawae Stout 1953 SL71
    `--E. zichyi Daday 1901 D01

*Type species of generic name indicated


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Last updated: 17 July 2022.

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