Reconstruction of Odonterpeton triangulare by Smokeybjb.

Belongs within: Reptiliomorpha.
Contains: Holospondyli, Tuditanidae.

The Lepospondyli are a clade of amphibian-grade tetrapods found from the Lower Carboniferous to the Upper Permian, though they may survive to the present day if (as supported by some authors) the caecilians represent surviving lepospondyls. The basal members of the clade were the lizard- or salamander-like microsaurs, all small animals with relatively short legs.

<==Lepospondyli [Microsauria]
     |--Utaherpeton Carroll, Bybee & Tidwell 1991 AR08, RCQ03
     |    `--U. franklini RCQ03
     `--+--+--+--Microbrachis [Microbrachidae] AR08
        |  |  |    `--M. pelikani Fritsch 1876 RCQ03
        |  |  `--+--Hyloplesion [Hyloplesiontidae] RCQ03
        |  |     |    `--H. longicostatum Fritsch 1876 RCQ03
        |  |     `--Odonterpeton [Odonterpetontidae] RCQ03
        |  |          `--O. triangulare Moodie 1909 RCQ03
        |  `--+--Holospondyli AR08
        |     `--+--Acherontiscus [Acherontiscidae] RCQ03
        |        |    `--A. caledoniae Carroll 1969 RCQ03
        |        `--Adelospondyli [Adelogyrinidae] RCQ03
        |             |  i. s.: Palaeomolgophis scoticus Brough & Brough 1967 RCQ03
        |             |--Adelospondylus watsoni Carroll 1967 RCQ03
        |             `--+--Adelogyrinus simorhynchus Watson 1929 AR08, RCQ03
        |                `--Dolichopareias disjectus Watson 1929 RCQ03
        `--Tuditanidae AR08


[AR08] Anderson, J. S., R. R. Reisz, D. Scott, N. B. Fröbisch & S. S. Sumida. 2008. A stem batrachian from the Early Permian of Texas and the origin of frogs and salamanders. Nature 453: 515-518.

[RCQ03] Ruta, M., M. I. Coates & D. L. J. Quicke. 2003. Early tetrapod relationships revisited. Biological Reviews 78: 251-345.

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