Hydryphantes sp., copyright Tom Murray.

Belongs within: Hydryphantidae.

Hydryphantes is a diverse, cosmopolitan genus of mites found in ponds and temporary pools. Deutonymphs and adults feed on aquatic insect eggs whereas larvae are known to parasitise Hemiptera and Diptera.

<==Hydryphantes Koch 1841 [incl. Mackerrasiella Womersley 1954] H98
    |--H. (Hydryphantes) RFF05
    |    |--H. (H.) jujuyensis Nordenskiöld 1904 RFF05
    |    |--H. (H.) pumilus (Viets 1954) RFF05
    |    |--H. (H.) ramosus Daday 1905 RFF05
    |    |--H. (H.) thermacalis Cook 1988 RFF05
    |    `--H. (H.) undulatifrons (Viets 1954) RFF05
    |--H. (Papilloporus Walter 1935) RFF05
    |    `--H. (P.) papillosus Lundblad 1936 RFF05
    `--H. (Polyhydryphantes Viets 1926) RFF05
         |--H. (P.) alienus Lundblad 1924 RFF05
         |--H. (P.) coscaroni Cook 1980 RFF05
         `--H. (P.) pinguipalpis Viets 1954 RFF05

Hydryphantes incertae sedis:
  H. dispar MK91
  H. globus (Womersley 1954) [=Mackerasiella globus] H98
  H. haliki Cook 1986 H98
  H. helveticus D01
  H. intermedius Daday 1901 D01
  H. microphallus Lundblad 1941 [incl. H. microphallus var. meridianus Lundblad 1947] H98
  H. placationis G96
  H. ruber (De Geer 1778) W91
  H. schaubi D01
  H. tataricus Daday 1901 D01
  H. tenuabilis WP99
  H. waynensis DPD16

*Type species of generic name indicated


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