Xanthosia pilosa, from here.

Belongs within: Araliaceae.

Xanthosia is a genus of twenty species of herbs and shrubs found in temperate southern Australia.

Characters (from Pellow et al. 2009): Herbs or small shrubs. Leaves toothed to lobed or dissected or rarely entire. Umbels usually compound, sometimes simple or reduced to a few or single flower. Compound umbels usually with 3-4 rays and bracts; umbellules with 2-3 bracts and several almost sessile flowers. Calyx lobes broad, orbicular to lanceolate. Petals usually with much inflexed apex. Fruit without vittae.

<==Xanthosia Rudge 1811 [incl. Leucolaena Brown 1814 (nom. illeg.)] HH00
    |--*X. pilosa Rudge 1811 (see below for synonymy) HH00
    |--X. atkinsoniana HH00
    |--X. candida GK00
    |--X. ciliata GK00
    |--X. dissecta HH00
    |--X. huegelii HH00
    |--X. leiophylla HH00
    |--X. scopulicola Hart & Henwood 2000 HH00
    |--X. stellata Hart & Henwood 2000 HH00
    |--X. tasmanica Domin 1907 HH00
    |--X. ternifolia Hart & Henwood 2000 [=X. tasmanica Gandoger 1918 non Domin 1907] HH00
    `--X. tridentata HH00

*Xanthosia pilosa Rudge 1811 [=Leucolaena pilosa (Rudge) Bentham in Endlicher et al. 1837; incl. X. diffusa White 1942, X. pilosa var. glabra Moore & Betche 1893, X. hirsuta de Candolle 1830, X. p. var. longipes Domin 1907, X. montana de Candolle 1830, X. pilosa var. montana (de Candolle) Domin 1928, Leucolaena pannosa Bentham in Endlicher et al. 1837, X. pannosa (Bentham) Steudel 1841, X. pilosa var. pannosa (Bentham) Domin 1928, X. vestita Bentham 1867] HH00

*Type species of generic name indicated


[GK00] Gibson, N., & G. J. Keighery. 2000. Flora and vegetation of the Byenup-Muir reserve system, south-west Western Australia. CALMScience 3 (3): 323-402.

[HH00] Hart, J. M., & M. J. Henwood. 2000. Systematics of the Xanthosia pilosa complex (Apiaceae: Hydrocotyloideae). Australian Systematic Botany 13 (2): 245-266.

Pellow, B. J., M. J. Henwood & R. C. Carolin. 2009. Flora of the Sydney Region, 5th ed. Sydney University Press.

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