Bitter dock Rumex obtusifolius, photographed by Emmet Judziewicz.

Belongs within: Polygonaceae.

Rumex, the docks, is a genus of about 200 species of herbaceous plants found worldwide, with the greatest number of species in north temperate regions. A number of species have become widely spread outside their native ranges as pasture weeds; the curled dock Rumex crispus is toxic to livestock, causing dermatitis and gastric illness (Henty 1978).

Characters (from Henty 1978): Annual or perennial herbs, often acid. Leaves spirally arranged, or lower leaves in basal rosette; sheaths short, ocreas well developed. Inflorescence racemose or paniculate; flowers bisexual, monoecious or dioecious, stipitate, articulate on arched pedicels, in bracteate fascicles, which may be many-flowered forming partial whorls. Tepals in two whorls of three; outer whorl small, not much accrescent after anthesis; inner whorl finally much enlarged, enclosing fruit; stamens 6; ovary trigonous; styles 3, short, with large dissected stigmas. Fruit sharply trigonous.

    |--R. acetosa PT01
    |--R. acetosella C55a
    |--R. alpinus C55b
    |--R. brownii Campd. 1819 [incl. R. fimbriotus Brown 1810 (preoc.)] H78
    |--R. bucephalophorus PT98
    |    |--R. b. ssp. bucephalophorus PT98
    |    `--R. b. ssp. gallicus PT98
    |--R. conglomeratus C55b
    |--R. crispus Linnaeus 1753 H78
    |--R. decumbens D03
    |--R. dentatus VB02
    |--R. flexuosus A27
    |--R. hydrolapathum LDB98
    |--R. lunaria ES06
    |--R. maritimus LDB98
    |--R. neglectus A27
    |--R. nepalensis O88
    |--R. obtusifolius C55b
    |--R. palustris LDB98
    |--R. patientia O88
    |    |--R. p. ssp. patientia O88
    |    `--R. p. ssp. pamiricus O88
    |--R. pulcher PT98
    |--R. scutatus C55b
    `--R. tuberosus PT98
         |--R. t. ssp. tuberosus PT98
         `--R. t. ssp. creticus PT98

*Type species of generic name indicated


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