Reconstruction of Platycephalichthys bischoffi, copyright DiBgd.

Belongs within: Gnathostomata.
Contains: Dipnomorpha, Tetrapoda.

The Sarcopterygii are a clade of vertebrates including the four-legged Tetrapoda together with those fishes (commonly known as 'lobe-finned fishes') more closely related to the tetrapods than to the ray-finned fishes of the Actinopterygii. Living members of this clade differ from most living Actinopterygii in having fleshy, limb-like bases to the fins.

Synapomorphies (from Zhu et al. 2009): Parachordal plates separated from otic capsule by cartilage or persistent fissure; endolymphatic duct of supraotic cavity present.

<==Sarcopterygii [Crossopterygii, Urodelomorpha]
    |  i. s.: Canowindra grossi Thomson 1973 J98
    |--Meemannia Zhu, Yu et al. 2006 ZZ09, ZY06
    |    `--*M. eos Zhu, Yu et al. 2006 ZY06
    `--+--+--Guiyu Zhu, Zhao et al. 2009 ZZ09
       |  |    `--*G. oneiros Zhu, Zhao et al. ZZ09
       |  `--+--Psarolepis romeri ZZ09, ZYJ99
       |     `--Achoania ZZ09
       `--+--+--Onychodus [Onychodontida] ZZ09
          |  |    `--‘Phoebodus’ bryanti Wells 1944 W85
          |  `--+--Miguashaia ZZ09
          |     |--Whiteia ZY02
          |     |--Diplocercides ZY02
          |     `--Actinistia ZYJ99
          |          |--Rhabdoderma elegans (Newberry 1856) WO06 [incl. Coelacanthus lepturus H62]
          |          |--Mawsonia gigas Woodward 1907 WO06
          |          |--Axelrodichthys araripensis Maisey 1991 WO06
          |          `--Latimeria (see below for synonymy) WO06
          |               |--L. chalumnae Smith 1939 WO06
          |               `--L. manadoensis Pouyaud et al. 1999 WO06
          `--+--Styloichthys Zhu & Yu 2002 ZZ09, ZY02
             |    `--*S. changae Zhu & Yu 2002 ZY02
             `--Dipnotetrapodomorpha B-RB13
                  |--Dipnomorpha ZZ09
                  `--Tetrapodomorpha [Choanata, Osteolepiformes, Osteolepimorpha, Osteolepipoda, Rhipidistia] ZY02
                       |  i. s.: Cladarosymblema ZY02
                       |         Gyroptychius TC71
                       |         Rhizodopsidae B96
                       |         Megalichthys DSJ06
                       |         Gogonasus DFC12
                       |--Kenichthys ZZ09
                       |--Rhizodontidae [Rhizodontida, Rhizodontiformes, Rhizodontimorpha] ZYJ99
                       |    |--Strepsodus Young 1866 W06
                       |    |    `--S. decipiens Woodward 1906 [incl. Pteraspis mansfieldensis McCoy 1890 (n. n.)] W06
                       |    `--Gooloogongia loomesi Johanson & Ahlberg 1998 J98
                       `--+--Osteolepis [Osteolepidae] ZY02
                          `--+--Elpistostegalia [Panderichthyida, Panderichthyidae] DSJ06
                             |    |--Panderichthys rhombolepis (Gross 1930) AC08, RCQ03
                             |    `--+--Tetrapoda AC08
                             |       |--Elpistostege AC08
                             |       `--Tiktaalik Daeschler, Shubin & Jenkins 2006 AC08, DSJ06
                             |            `--*T. roseae Daeschler, Shubin & Jenkins 2006 DSJ06
                             `--Tristichopteridae [Eusthenopteridae] C03
                                  |--Tristichopterus Egerton 1861 C03
                                  |--Jarvikina Vorobyeva 1977 C03
                                  |--Spodichthys Jarvik 1985 C03
                                  |--Notorhizodon C03
                                  |--Eusthenodon Jarvik 1952 C03
                                  |    `--*E. wangsjoi Jarvik 1952 C03
                                  |--Hyneria Thomson 1968 C03
                                  |    `--H. lindae Thomson 1968 C03
                                  |--Mandageria Johanson & Ahlberg 1997 C03
                                  |    `--M. fairfaxi Johanson & Ahlberg 1997 J98
                                  |--Cabonnichthys Ahlberg & Johanson 1997 C02
                                  |    |--C. burnsi C03
                                  |    `--C. loomesi Ahlberg & Johanson 1997 J98
                                  |--Eusthenopteron Whiteaves 1881 ZY02, C03
                                  |    |--E. foordi Whiteaves 1881 RCQ03
                                  |    `--E. savesoderberghi C03
                                  `--Platycephalichthys Vorobyeva 1959 C03
                                       |--P. bischoffi C03
                                       `--P. skuenicus C03

Latimeria [Coelacanthidae, Coelacanthiformes, Coelacanthimorpha, Coelacanthini, Latimeriidae] WO06

*Type species of generic name indicated


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