The hairy mitrewort Mitrasacme pilosa, from here.

Belongs within: Gentianales.

Mitrasacme is a genus of about forty species of herbaceous plants found in southern and eastern Asia and Australasia, with the majority of species in Australia. Most species grow in open habitats.

Characters (from Conn 1995): Annual herbs, glabrous or with simple hairs. Stems branched or not. Leaves rosulate or in pairs along stem, sessile or subsessile, connected by interpetiolar stipules. Lamina 1- or 3-5-curvinereved. Inflorescences terminal and/or axillary, cymose or solitary in leaf axils. Calyx, corolla and androecium tetramerous. Bracts leafy or sepal-like. Calyx connate basally; lobes about as long as tube, more or less triangular; colleters few or absent. Corolla membranous to thin fleshy; outer surface glabrous; lobes exduplicate-valvate in bud, triangular to elliptic, apex acute. Stamens inserted on lower half of corolla-tube, mostly included; filaments filiform; anthers bilocular. Pistil superior or slightly inferior, glabrous; ovary bilocular, ovules many; styles 2, usually free in their basal portion, connate distally; stigma truncate to two-lobed, anthers and stigma always at same height. Fruit a capsule, dehiscing by apical loculicidal slits, two-horned; horns terminated by style-halves which may be torn loose or remain partly connate. Seeds many, ellipsoid or angular, minutely reticulate or verrucose; testa thin; endosperm fleshy.

    |--M. albomarginata Leenh. 1962 C95
    |--M. distylis BR65
    |--M. elata Brown 1810 [incl. M. elata var. brevicalyx Leenh. 1962] C95
    |--M. indica Wight 1850 [incl. M. alsinoides Clarke 1883 (preoc.)] C95
    |--M. neglecta Leenh. 1962 C95
    |--M. paradoxa BR65
    |--M. pilosa BR65
    `--M. pygmaea Brown 1810 C95
         |--M. p. var. pygmaea [incl. M. nudicaulis Benth. 1853 (preoc.)] C95
         `--M. p. var. malaccensis (Wight) Hara 1955 (see below for synonymy) C95

Mitrasacme pygmaea var. malaccensis (Wight) Hara 1955 [=M. malaccensis Wight 1850; incl. M. polymorpha Clarke 1883 (preoc.)] C95

*Type species of generic name indicated


[BR65] Black, J. M., & E. L. Robertson. 1965. Flora of South Australia. Part IV. Oleaceae-Compositae. W. L. Hawes, Government Printer: Adelaide.

[C95] Conn, B. J. 1995. Loganiaceae. In Handbooks of the Flora of Papua New Guinea vol. 3 (B. J. Conn, ed.) pp. 132-188. Melbourne University Press: Carlton (Australia).

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