Bandakia sp., copyright Biodiversity Institute of Ontario.

Belongs within: Neohydrachnidia.
Contains: Nilotonia.

The Anisitsiellidae are a diverse group of freshwater mites of questionable monophyly, larvae of which are (where known) parasites of nematocerous Diptera (Walter et al. 2009). They may be divided between the subfamily Anisitsiellinae, in which the dorsum and venter are each largely covered by single large plates, and Nilotoniinae, in which the venter is soft or with separated plates and the dorsum bears small sclerites or two larger plates.

Characters (from Walter et al. 2009): Adults with claws either present or absent on legs IV; when claws present, then lateral eyes usually located on platelets associated with ventral shield; venter with suture lines between coxal plates II-III complete; genital field with movable genital flaps flanking gonopore; genital acetabula conspicuous, lying free in gonopore.

    |  i. s.: Fuenticola Goldschmidt 2004 G04
    |           `--*F. sancheziana Goldschmidt 2004 G04
    |         Mamersopsides Viets 1916 G04
    |           |--*M. sigthori Viets 1916 G04
    |           |--M. neotropica Goldschmidt 2004 G04
    |           `--M. vietsi Cook 1966 G04
    |         Ranautonia dentipalpis Viets 1935 G04
    |         Sigthoria Koenike 1907 H98
    |           `--S. nilotica (Nordenskiöld 1905) [=Amasis niloticus] H98
    |--Nilotoniinae G04
    |    |--Nilotonia G04
    |    `--Mamersonia Viets 1954 G04
    |         |--*M. amazonica Viets 1954 G04 [=Nilotonia (*Mamersonia) amazonica RFF05]
    |         |--M. biscutata Bader 1995 G04
    |         |--M. cascada Goldschmidt 2004 G04
    |         |--M. monoscutata Bader 1995 G04
    |         |--M. scutata Cook 1966 G04
    |         |--M. similis Bader 1995 G04
    |         `--M. testudinata Cook 1966 G04
    `--Anisitsiellinae [Mamersopsidae, Mamersopsinae] G04
         |--Mamersopsis Nordenskiöld 1905 G04
         |--Platymamersopsis Viets 1914 G04
         |--Cookacarus WL09
         |--Oregonacarus WL09
         |--Rubicundula placibilis WL09
         |--Anisitsiella Daday 1905 G04
         |    `--A. aculeata Daday 1905 RFF05
         |--Sigthoriella Besch 1964 G04
         |    `--S. hygropetrica Besch 1964 RFF05
         |--Psammotorrenticola Angelier 1951 [Psammotorrenticolinae] S86
         |    `--P. gracilis Angelier 1951 S86
         |--Utaxatax Habeeb 1964 S86
         |    `--U. ovalis Cook 1974 S86
         |--Mamersella Viets 1929 G04
         |    |--M. anomola Hopkins 1967 SL71
         |    |--M. newelli Habeeb 1959 (n. d.) C91
         |    `--M. ponderi Harvey 1990 H98
         |--Stygomamersopsis Cook 1974 S86
         |    |--S. anisitisipalpis Cook 1974 S86
         |    `--S. viedmai Cook 1974 S86
         |--Mamersellides Lundblad 1937 G04
         |    |--*M. ventriperforatus Lundblad 1937 G04
         |    `--M. costenius Cramer & Smith 1993 G04
         |--Rutacarus Lundblad 1937 G04
         |    |  i. s.: R. sasonus Cook 1986 H98
         |    |         R. stygius Harvey 1990 H98
         |    |--R. (Rutacarus) pyriformis Lundblad 1937 RFF05
         |    |--R. (Eorutacarus Cook 1980) RFF05
         |    |    `--R. (E.) ferradasae Cook 1980 S86
         |    `--R. (Neorutacarus Orghidan & Gruia 1983) S86
         |         `--R. (N.) angelieri Orghidan & Gruia 1983 RFF05
         |--Anisitsiellides Lundblad 1941 G04 [incl. Australiotonia Cook 1986 H98]
         |    |--A. australis Smit 2002 RFF05
         |    |--A. caledonica Harvey 1990 H98
         |    |--A. chilensis Cook 1988 RFF05
         |    |--A. circularis Cook 1986 H98
         |    |--A. lundbladi Cook 1980 RFF05
         |    |--A. monticolus Lundblad 1941 RFF05
         |    |--A. tabberabbera Harvey 1990 H98
         |    |--A. tasmanicus Cook 1986 H98
         |    |--A. tolarda (Cook 1986) [=Australiotonia tolarda] H98
         |    `--A. zelandicus Hopkins 1967 SL71
         `--Bandakia Thor 1913 G04
              |--*B. concreta Thor 1913 G04
              |--B. borealis Smith 1979 S86
              |--B. corsica Angelier 1951 G04
              |--B. elhacha Goldschmidt 2004 G04
              |--B. elongata Cook 1963 [incl. B. longipalpis Cook 1974] S86
              |--B. fragilis WL09
              |--B. hoffmannae Cramer & Smith 1991 G04
              |--B. mexicana Cramer & Smith 1991 G04
              |--B. norma GS96
              |--B. oregonensis Smith 1979 S86
              |--B. phreatica Cook 1974 S86
              `--B. speciosa Viets 1953 G04

*Type species of generic name indicated


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