Reconstruction of the Late Permian Youngina capensis by Brad McFeeters.

Belongs within: Diapsida.
Contains: Lepidosauromorpha, Archosauromorpha.

The Neodiapsida is the clade containing the crown group of living diapsid reptiles (the Sauria) together with the basal 'Younginiformes' (Senter 2004). The Younginiformes are a group of lizard-like reptiles known from the late Permian and early Triassic whose monophyly relative to Sauria is uncertain. One group within this assemblage, the Tangasaurinae, was adapted to a freshwater aquatic habitat, with webbed feet and a laterally compressed tail.

Synapomorphies (from Senter 2004): posterior trunk ribs holocephalous; maximum of 17 dorsal vertebrae; pronounced olecranon process absent.

<==Neodiapsida [Younginiformes]
    |  i. s.: Heleosuchus E88
    |--+--Acerosodontosaurus Currie 1980 NB17, E88
    |  |    `--A. piveteaui NB17
    |  `--Sauria S04
    |       |  i. s.: Tapaya hernandesi Girard 1858 DS89
    |       |--Lepidosauromorpha E88
    |       `--Archosauromorpha S04
    `--+--Youngina Broom 1914 [incl. Youngoides, Youngopsis] E88
       |    `--Y. capensis S04
       `--Tangasauridae E88
            |--Kenyasaurinae E88
            |    |--Kenyasaurus E88
            |    `--Thadeosaurus Piveteau 1926 E88, D07
            |         `--T. colcanapi D07
            `--Tangasaurinae E88
                 |--Tangasaurus E88
                 `--Hovasaurus Piveteau 1926 E88, D07
                      `--H. boulei D07

*Type species of generic name indicated


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Last updated: 11 August 2017.

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