Hochstetter's frog Leiopelma hochstetteri, copyright David M. Green.

Belongs within: Lepospondyli.
Contains: Alytoidea, Pipoidea, Pelobatoidea, Neobatrachia.

The Anura, frogs and toads, are a diverse group of terrestrial to aquatic vertebrates that lack an external tail at maturity and are often adapted for a hopping mode of locomotion. Larvae, if present, are aquatic and legless with a strong, finned tail.

Synapomorphies (from Frost et al. 2006): Prefrontal bone absent; prearticular bone absent; palatine absent; nine or fewer vertebrae; atlas with a single centrum; first spinal nerve exiting from spinal nerve canal via intervertebral foramen; caudal vertebral segments fused into urostyle; hindlimbs significantly longer than forelimbs, including elongation of ankle bones; radius and ulna, tibia and fibula fused; hyobranchial elements fused into hyoid plate; keratinous jaw sheaths and keratodonts present on larval mouthparts; larva with single median spiracle; skin with large subcutaneous lymph spaces; two m. protractor lentis attached to lens.

<==Anura (see below for synonymy)
    |--Bombinanura [Archaeobatrachia, Discoglossanura, Lalagobatrachia, Mesobatrachia, Ranoidei, Sokolanura] FG06
    |    |--Alytoidea FB17
    |    `--Pipanura FB17
    |         |--Pipoidea PW11
    |         `--Acosmanura FG06
    |              |  i. s.: Eurycephalella alcinae FB17
    |              |--Pelobatoidea EJK08
    |              `--Neobatrachia PW11
    `--Leiopelmatoidea FB17
         |--Ascaphus Stejneger 1899 FG06 [Ascaphidae PW11]
         |    |--A. montanus FG06
         |    `--A. truei FG06
         `--Leiopelmatidae [Amphicoela, Liopelmatina] FG06
             |--Vieraella herbstii Reig 1961 G88, M93
             |--Notobatrachus degiustoi Reig 1955 G88, M93
             `--Leiopelma Fitzinger 1861 [=Liopelma Günther 1869] FG06
                  |  i. s.: L. waitomoensis Worthy 1987 WH02
                  |--+--L. auroraensis Worthy 1987 WH02
                  |  |--L. hochstetteri Fitzinger 1861 WH02
                  |  `--L. markhami Worthy 1987 WH02
                  `--+--L. pakeka Bell, Daugherty & Hay 1998 BDH98
                     `--+--L. archeyi Turbott 1942 BDH98, WH02
                        `--L. hamiltoni McCulloch 1919 BDH98

Anura incertae sedis:
  Phractops F13
    |--P. brevipalmatus F13
    `--P. brevipes F13
  Callula baleata M89
  Notodelphys ovifera H04
  Liaobatrachus FB17
    |--L. grabaui ZBH03
    `--L. zhaoi FB17
  Enneabatrachus hechti R00
  Eobatrachus agilis Marsh 1887 (n. d.) R00
  Comobatrachus aenigmatis Hecht & Estes 1960 (n. d.) R00
  Paradiscoglossus americanus Estes & Sanchíz 1982 R00
  Theatonius lancensis Fox 1976 R00
  Gobiatidae R00
    |--Gobiatoides parvus Roček & Nessov 1993 R00
    `--Gobiates Špinar & Tatarinov 1986 R00
         |--G. asiaticus Roček & Nessov 1993 R00
         |--G. bogatchovi Roček & Nessov 1993 R00
         |--G. dzhyrakudukensis Roček & Nessov 1993 R00
         |--G. fritschi Roček & Nessov 1993 R00
         |--G. furcatus Roček & Nessov 1993 R00
         |--G. kermeentsavi Špinar & Tatarinov 1986 R00
         |--G. kizylkumensis Roček & Nessov 1993 R00
         |--G. leptocolaptus (Borsuk-Białynicka 1978) R00
         |--G. sosedkoi (Nessov 1981) [=Eopelobates sosedkoi] R00
         |--G. spinari Roček & Nessov 1993 R00
         `--G. tatarinovi Roček & Nessov 1993 R00
  Altanulia alifanovi Gubin 1993 R00
  Palaeophrynos gessneri Tschudi 1839 RR00
  Batrachus RR00
    |--B. lacustris Pomel 1853 RR00
    |--B. lemanensis Pomel 1853 RR00
    `--B. naiadum Pomel 1853 RR00
  Lutetiobatrachus gracilis RR00
  Liventsovkia jucunda RR00
  Ranavus scarabellii RR00

Anura [Acaudata, Anoura, Anuri, Anuria, Discoglossoidei, Ecaudata, Ecaudati, Heteromorpha, Leiopelmatanura, Miura, Pygomolgaei, Raniformia]

*Type species of generic name indicated


[BDH98] Bell, B. D., C. H. Daugherty & J. M. Hay. 1998. Leiopelma pakeka, n. sp. (Anura: Leiopelmatidae), a cryptic species of frog from Maud Island, New Zealand, and a reassessment of the conservation status of L. hamiltoni from Stephens Island. Journal of the Royal Society of New Zealand 28 (1): 39–54.

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