Natal plum Carissa grandiflora, copyright Consultaplantas.

Belongs within: Gentianales.
Contains: Vinceae, Tabernaemontaneae, Aspidospermeae, Plumerieae, Apocynoidina.

The Apocynaceae are a primarily pantropical and -subtropical group of flowering plants that are typically laticiferous and produce various alkaloids and cardenolides (Sennblad & Bremer 2002).

<==Apocynaceae [Apocynales, Rauvolfioideae]
    |--Willughbeieae SB02
    |    |  i. s.: Willughbeia SB02
    |    |         Landolphia SB02
    |    |         Couma SB02
    |    |         Lacmellea SB02
    |    |         Pacouria SB02
    |    |         Saba SB02
    |    |--Ancylobotrys petersiana SB02
    |    `--+--Dictyophleba lucida SB02
    |       `--Vahadenia caillei SB02
    `--+--Vinceae SB02
       |--Tabernaemontaneae SB02
       `--+--Aspidospermeae SB02
          `--+--+--Melodineae SB02
             |  |    |--Craspidospermum verticillatum SB02
             |  |    `--Melodinus monogynus SB02
             |  `--Hunterieae SB02
             |       |  i. s.: Hunteria SB02
             |       |--Diplorhynchus condylocarpon SB02
             |       `--+--Picralima nitida SB02
             |          `--Pleiocarpa mutica SB02
             `--+--Plumerieae SB02
                `--+--Apocynoidina SB02
                   `--+--Carisseae SB02
                      |    |--Acokanthera oblongifolia SB02
                      |    `--Carissa SB02
                      |         |--C. bispinosa SB02
                      |         |--C. grandiflora B00
                      |         |--C. lanceolata LK14
                      |         |--C. ovata VT13
                      |         |--C. paucinervis P03
                      |         `--C. spinarum P03
                      `--Alyxieae SB02
                           |  i. s.: Condylocarpon SB02
                           |         Lepiniopsis SB02
                           |--Chilocarpus suaveolens SB02
                           `--+--Lepinia taitensis SB02
                              `--Alyxia SB02 [incl. Gynopogon Forster & Forster 1776 (nom. rej.) BR65]
                                   |--A. buxifolia BR65
                                   |--A. ruscifolia SB02
                                   |--A. spicata LK14
                                   `--A. thyrsiflora C16

Apocynaceae incertae sedis:
  Notonerium gossei BR65
  Baynesia lophophora CV06
  Australluma peschii [=Caralluma peschii] CV06
  Ectadium CV06
    |--E. latifolium CV06
    `--E. rotundifolium CV06
  Hoodia CV06
    |--H. juttae CV06
    |--H. officinalis CV06
    |    |--H. o. ssp. officinalis CV06
    |    `--H. o. ssp. delaetiana CV06
    |--H. ruschii CV06
    `--H. triebneri CV06
  Huernia CV06
    |--H. hallii CV06
    `--H. plowesii CV06
  Larryleachia tirasmontana [incl. Lavrania picta ssp. parvipunctata] CV06
  Lavrania haagnerae CV06
  Orbea CV06
    |--O. albocastanea CV06
    `--O. maculata CV06
         |--O. m. ssp. maculata CV06
         |--O. m. ssp. kaokoensis CV06
         `--O. m. ssp. rangeana CV06
  Stapeliopsis urniflora CV06
  Stigmatorhynchus hereroensis CV06
  Tridentea CV06
    |--T. marientalensis CV06
    |    |--T. m. ssp. marientalensis CV06
    |    `--T. m. ssp. albipilosa CV06
    `--T. pachyrrhiza CV06
  Tromotriche ruschiana CV06
  Asketanthera picardae J87
  Forsteronia J87
    |--F. brasiliensis C55
    `--F. corymbosa J87
  Ichnocarpus frutescens KJ05
  Apocynophyllum Unger 1850 HL08
    |--A. etheridgei Ettingshausen 1886 F71
    |--A. mackinlayi Ettingshausen 1886 F71
    |--A. neriifolium [incl. Folium puberulum Hofmann 1931 (n. n.)] HL08
    `--A. warburtoni Ettingshausen 1886 F71
  Cascabela thevetia LK14
  Amsonia tomentosa [incl. A. brevifolia] H93
  Rhazya P93
  Tanghinia venenifera C06
  Stemmadenia donnell-smithii OB11
  Cycladenia humilis H93
    |--C. h. var. humilis [incl. C. humilis var. tomentosa] H93
    `--C. h. var. venusta H93
  Aspidospermoxylon uniseriatum Kruse 1954 CBH93
  Diporites iskaszentgyorgii CBH93
  Ditassa lanceolata SK02, C55
  Fernaldia Lynge 1937 KC01
  ‘Lactaria’ Rafin. 1838 non Pers. 1797 KC01

*Type species of generic name indicated


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