Female Tasmabrochus, from Tasmanian Spiders.

Belongs within: Amaurobioidea.

The Amphinectidae is a poorly-defined group of mostly forest-dwelling spiders found in Australasia and South America (Jocqué & Dippenaar-Schoeman 2007).

Characters (from Jocqué & Dippenaar-Schoeman 2007): Medium-sized; eight eyes present in two rows; 'thoracic patches' often present on carapce; legs with three tarsal claws; cribellate or ecribellate; male cymbium usually with trichobothria (absent in Neolana); entelegyne.

Amphinectidae [Neolanidae]
    |--Metaltella Mello-Leitão 1931 [Metaltellinae] D02
    |    `--*M. argentinensis Mello-Leitão 1931 M-L31
    |--Amphinecta Simon 1898 D02 [Amphinectinae JD-S07]
    |    |--*A. decemmaculata Simon 1898 D02
    |    `--A. pika FF99
    `--Tasmarubriinae D02
         |--Tasmarubrius milvinus (Simon 1903) [=Rubrius milvinus, Amphinecta milvina] D02
         `--Tasmabrochus Davies 2002 D02
              |--*T. cranstoni Davies 2002 D02
              |--T. montanus Davies 2002 D02
              `--T. turnerae Davies 2002 D02

Amphinectidae incertae sedis:
  Maniho Marples 1959 D02
    `--M. gracilis FF99
  Mamoea FF99
    |--M. bicolor (Bryant 1935) [=Rubrius bicolor] NS00
    |--M. hughsoni Forster & Wilton 1973 NS00
    |--M. mandibularis (Bryant 1935) [=Rubrius mandibularis] NS00
    |--M. pilosa (Bryant 1935) [=Cambridgea pilosa] NS00
    `--M. rufa (Berland 1931) [=Rubrius rufus] NS00
  Paramamoea FF99
    |--P. parva FF99
    `--P. waipoua FF99
  Akatorea otagoensis FF99
  Neolana dalmasi JD-S07, FF99 [=Ixeuticus dalmasi FF99]
  Waterea FF99
  Marplesia FF99
    |--M. dugdalei FF99
    `--M. pohara FF99
  Dunstania JD-S07
  Aorangia JD-S07
    |--A. ansa FF99
    |--A. isolata Forster & Wilton 1973 NS00
    |--A. otira Forster & Wilton 1973 NS00
    `--A. pilgrimi Forster & Wilton 1973 NS00

*Type species of generic name indicated


[D02] Davies, V. T. 2002. Tasmabrochus, a new spider genus from Tasmania, Australia (Araneae, Amphinectidae, Tasmarubriinae). Journal of Arachnology 30 (2): 219–226.

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