Female Thelcticopis severa, copyright Akio Tanikawa.

Belongs within: Sparassidae.

Thelcticopis is a genus of huntsman spiders found from southern Asia to Fiji. Females of the genus have an epigyne with a somewhat heart-shaped median septum bearing a tongue-like posterior structure pointing in the direction of the epigastric furrow, and two lateral hooks on the posterior margin of the epigyne pointing to the median line (Jäger 2005).

<==Thelcticopis Karsch 1884 [incl. Mardonia Thorell 1897, Seramba Thorell 1887] J05
    |--*T. severa Koch 1875 J05
    |--T. bifasciatus (Thorell 1891) [=Seramba bifasciata] J05
    |--T. fasciatus (Thorell 1897) [=Seramba fasciata] J05
    |--T. humilithorax (Simon 1910) [=Seramba humilithorax] J05
    |--T. pennatus (Simon 1901) [=Seramba pennata] J05
    |--T. pestai (Reimoser 1939) [=Seramba pestai] J05
    |--T. pictus (Thorell 1887) [=*Seramba picta] J05
    |--T. quadrimunitus (Strand 1911) [=Seramba quadrimunita] J05
    |--T. sagittatus (Hogg 1915) [=Seramba sagittata] J05
    |--T. salomonum (Strand 1913) [=Seramba salomonum] J05
    |--T. scaurus (Simon 1910) [=Seramba scaura] J05
    `--T. truculentus Karsch 1884 [=Seramba truculenta] J05

*Type species of generic name indicated


[J05] Jäger, P. 2005. Seramba Thorell 1887 is a synonym of Thelcticopis Karsch 1884 (Arachnida, Araneae, Sparassidae, Sparianthinae). Senckenbergiana Biologica 85 (1): 57–59.

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