Xestoleberis sp., from here.

Belongs within: Cytheroidea.

Xestoleberis is a cosmopolitan genus of marine ostracods known from the Cretaceous to the present (Benson et al. 1961).

Characters (from Benson et al. 1961): Carapace ovate, left valve larger than right valve. Hinge merodont with elongate crenulate terminal cusps in right valve, separated by somewhat curved to nearly straight, finely crenulate to smooth furrow; marginal areas narrow except in front where vestibule is present; radial canals short, straight; adductor scares in vertical row of four, with arrowhead-shaped antennal scar in front and two mandibular scars below in front, crescent-shaped scar above this group in eye region.

<==Xestoleberis Sars 1866 S-VC91
    |--X. arcturi Triebel 1956 DH86
    |    |--X. a. arcturi DH86
    |    `--X. a. darwini Gottwald 1983 DH86
    |--X. chilensis Hartmann 1962 G83
    |    |--X. c. chilensis G83
    |    `--X. c. austrocontinentalis Hartmann 1978 G83
    |--X. costata Hartmann 1954 DH86
    |--X. delamarei Hartmann 1954 DH86
    |--X. erichtriebeli Bate, Whittaker & Mayes 1981 G83
    |--X. fracticorallicola Hartmann 1974 DH86
    |--X. galapagoensis Gottwald 1983 DH86
    |--X. gracilis Brady 1890 G83
    |--X. hopkinsi Skogsberg 1950 S-VC91
    |--X. humilis Klie 1940 G83
    |--X. meridionalis Müller 1908 G83
    |--X. rubrimaris Hartmann 1962 G83
    |    |--X. r. rubrimaris G83
    |    `--X. r. australensis Hartmann 1978 G83
    |--X. tomkilenyi Bate, Whittaker & Mayes 1981 G83
    `--X. ventribullata G83

*Type species of generic name indicated


Benson, R. H., J. M. Berdan et al. 1961. Systematic descriptions. In: Moore, R. C. (ed.) Treatise on Invertebrate Paleontology pt Q. Arthropoda 3: Crustacea: Ostracoda pp. Q99–Q421. Geological Society of America and University of Kansas Press.

[DH86] Danielopol, D. L., & G. Hartmann. 1986. Ostracoda. In: Botosaneanu, L. (ed.) Stygofauna Mundi: A Faunistic, Distributional, and Ecological Synthesis of the World Fauna inhabiting Subterranean Waters (including the Marine Interstitial) pp. 265–294. E. J. Brill/Dr. W. Backhuys: Leiden.

[G83] Gottwald, J. 1983. Interstitielle Fauna von Galapagos. XXX. Podocopida 1 (Ostracoda). Mikrofauna des Meeresbodens 90: 1–187.

[S-VC91] Segura-Vernis, L. R., & A. L. Carreño. 1991. Foraminíferos y ostrácodos de la Laguna de La Paz, Baja California Sur, México. Inv. Mar. CICIMAR 6 (1): 195–224.

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