Venatrix lapidosa, copyright David Paul.

Belongs within: Lycosidae.

Venatrix is a genus of wolf spiders found in Australasia, usually characterised by the presence of two longitudinal light bands (or row of light spots) on the dark venter of the abdomen. Males have a tubercle on the outer edge of the fangs, and pedipalps with claw-like macrosetae on the tip of the cymbium (Framenau 2006).

<==Venatrix Roewer 1960 F06
    |--V. funesta (Koch 1847) [incl. Venator fuscus Hogg 1900, *Venatrix fusca] F06
    |--V. allopictiventris Framenau & Vink 2001 F06
    |--V. amnicola Framenau 2006 F06
    |--V. archookoora Framenau & Vink 2001 F06
    |--V. arenaris (Hogg 1905) F06
    |--V. australiensis Framenau & Vink 2001 F06
    |--V. brisbanae (Koch 1878) [=Lycosa brisbanae, L. brisbanensis (l. c.), Pirata brisbanae] F06
    |--V. esposica Framenau & Vink 2001 F06
    |--V. fontis Framenau & Vink 2001 F06
    |--V. furcillata (Koch 1867) [=Lycosa furcillata, Allocosa furcillata] F06
    |--V. hickmani Framenau & Vink 2001 F06
    |--V. konei (Berland 1924) (see below for synonymy) F06
    |--V. koori Framenau & Vink 2001 F06
    |--V. kosciuskoensis (McKay 1974) [=Lycosa kosciuskoensis] F06
    |--V. lapidosa (McKay 1974) F06
    |--V. magkasalubonga (Barrion & Litsinger 1995) (see below for synonymy) F06
    |--V. mckayi Framenau & Vink 2001 F06
    |--V. ornatula (Koch 1877) [=Lycosa ornatula, Allocosa ornatula; incl. V. forsteri Framenau & Vink 2001] F06
    |--V. palau Framenau 2006 F06
    |--V. penola Framenau & Vink 2001 F06
    |--V. pictiventris (Koch 1877) F06 [=Lycosa pictiventris E07]
    |--V. pseudospeciosa Framenau & Vink 2001 F06
    |--V. pullastra (Simon 1909) (see below for synonymy) F06
    |--V. roo Framenau & Vink 2001 F06
    |--V. speciosa (Koch 1877) F06
    |--V. summa (McKay 1974) [=Lycosa summa] F06
    `--V. tinfos Framenau 2006 F06

Venatrix konei (Berland 1924) [=Lycosa konei, Arctosa konei; incl. L. goyderi Hickman 1944, A. goyderi, Mustelicosa goyderi, Piratosa goyderi, Venatrix goyderi, Lycosa howensis McKay 1979] F06

Venatrix magkasalubonga (Barrion & Litsinger 1995) [=Pardosa magkasalubonga; incl. P. daniloi Barrion & Litsinger 1995, P. hawakana Barrion & Litsinger 1995, P. sacayi Barrion & Litsinger 1995] F06

Venatrix pullastra (Simon 1909) [=Lycosa pullastra, Hogna pullastra, L. pallustra (l. c.); incl. L. marcentior Simon 1909, Hogna marcentior, L. percauta Simon 1909, Allocosa percauta, L. propitia Simon 1909, A. propitia, L. segregis Simon 1909, Hogna segregis] F06

*Type species of generic name indicated


[E07] Elliott, M. G. 2007. Annotated catalogue of the Pompilidae (Hymenoptera) of Australia. Zootaxa 1428: 1–83.

[F06] Framenau, V. W. 2006. The wolf spider genus Venatrix Roewer: new species, synonymies and generic transfers (Araneae, Lycosidae). Records of the Western Australian Museum 23 (2): 145–166.

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