Argyrodes elevatus, copyright treegrow.

Belongs within: Theridiidae.

Argyrodes, the dewdrop spiders, is a cosmopolitan genus of spiders, generally with a sharp peak to the silvery opisthosoma. Many species are kleptoparasitic, stealing prey from the webs of other spiders; other species feed on the web of other spiders or on the spiders themselves.

<==Argyrodes Simon 1864 [Argyrodinae] WA02
    |  i. s.: A. flavescens Cambridge 1880 WA02
    |         A. incisifrons Koch & Keyserling 1890 KK84
    |         A. triangularis (Urquhart 1887) [=Ariamnes triangulatus] NS00
    |         A. urquhartii (Bryant 1933) [=Rhomphaea urquhartii, Ariamnes attenuatus Urquhart 1887] NS00
    |         A. walkeri Rainb. 1901 R13
    |--A. ariamnes WA02
    |--A. cordillera WA02
    |--A. rhomphaea WA02
    |--+--A. baboquivari Exline & Levi 1962 WA02
    |  `--A. trigonum Hentz 1850 WA02
    |--+--A. antipodianus Cambridge 1880 WA02
    |  |--A. argentatus Cambridge 1880 WA02
    |  |--A. argyrodes WA02
    |  `--A. elevatus Taczanowski 1872 WA02
    `--+--A. cancellatus WA02
       |--A. caudatus Taczanowski 1874 WA02
       |--A. globosus Keyserling 1884 WA02
       `--A. ululans Cambridge 1880 WA02

*Type species of generic name indicated


[KK84] Koch, L., & E. Keyserling. 1884–1890. Die Arachniden Australiens nach der Natur beschrieben und abgebildet vol. 2. Bauer & Raspe: N├╝rnberg.

[NS00] Nicholls, D. C., P. J. Sirvid, S. D. Pollard & M. Walker. 2000. A list of arachnid primary types held in Canterbury Museum. Records of the Canterbury Museum 14: 37–48.

[R13] Rainbow, W. J. 1913. Arachnida from the Solomon Islands. Records of the Australian Museum 10 (1): 1–16.

[WA02] Whitehouse, M., I. Agnarsson, T. Miyashita, D. Smith, K. Cangialosi, T. Matsumoto, D. Li & Y. Henaut. 2002. Argyrodes: phylogeny, sociality and interspecific interactions—a report on the Argyrodes symposium, Badplaas 2001. Journal of Arachnology 30 (2): 238–245.

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