Argyrodes elevatus, copyright treegrow.

Belongs within: Theridiidae.

Argyrodes, the dewdrop spiders, is a cosmopolitan genus of spiders, generally with a sharp peak to the silvery opisthosoma. In some species, such as A. rhomphaea and A. trigonum, males have the cephalothorax significantly produced in front of the eyes. Many species are kleptoparasitic, stealing prey from the webs of other spiders; other species feed on the web of other spiders or on the spiders themselves.

<==Argyrodes Simon 1864 [Argyrodinae] WA02
    |  i. s.: A. cyrtophore Tikader 1963 T72
    |         A. diplani Tikader 1963 T72
    |         A. flavescens Cambridge 1880 WA02
    |         A. gouri Tikader 1963 T72
    |         A. incisifrons Koch & Keyserling 1890 KK90
    |         A. jamkhedes Tikader 1963 T72
    |         A. lepidus Pickard-Cambridge 1879 PVD10
    |         A. walkeri Rainb. 1901 R13
    |--A. ariamnes WA02
    |--A. cordillera WA02
    |--A. rhomphaea WA02
    |--+--A. baboquivari Exline & Levi 1962 WA02
    |  `--A. trigonum Hentz 1850 WA02
    |--+--A. antipodianus Cambridge 1880 WA02
    |  |--A. argentatus Cambridge 1880 WA02
    |  |--A. argyrodes WA02
    |  `--A. elevatus Taczanowski 1872 WA02
    `--+--A. cancellatus WA02
       |--A. caudatus Taczanowski 1874 WA02
       |--A. globosus Keyserling 1884 WA02
       `--A. ululans Cambridge 1880 WA02

*Type species of generic name indicated


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Last updated: 14 January 2022.

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