Female Ariadna dysderina, copyright S. Pearson.

Belongs within: Haplogynae.

The Segestriidae are a cosmopolitan group of spiders that construct tubular retreats from the mouth of which extend trip-lines (Jocqué & Dippenaar-Schoeman 2007).

Characters (from Jocqué & Dippenaar-Schoeman 2007): Medium-sized; six eyes present in two rows, with lateral eyes contiguous, posterior median eyes closely grouped; legs with three tarsal claws; third pair of legs directed forwards; posterior tracheal spiracles far forward, just behind booklung slits; ecribellate; haplogyne; female palpal claw turned inwards over almost 90°.

Segestriidae [Segestriinae]
    |--Gippsicola Hogg 1900 JD-S07
    |--Segestria Latreille 1804 JD-S07
    |    |--S. florentina (Rossi 1790) K55
    |    `--S. senoculata (Linnaeus 1758) K55
    `--Ariadna Audouin 1826 JD-S07
         |--A. barbigera H09
         |--A. bicolor JD-S07
         |--A. burcheli Hogg 1900 [=Macedonia burcheli] M54
         |--A. decatetracantha Main 1954 M54
         |--A. dysderina M54
         |--A. fidicina BS09
         |--A. montana Rainbow 1920 M54
         |--A. natalis Pocock 1900 FT08
         |--A. octospinata Lamb 1911 [=Macedonia octospinata] M54
         |--A. segmentata Simon 1908 M54
         |--A. septemcincta FF99
         `--A. thyrianthina Simon 1908 M54

*Type species of generic name indicated


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