Loxoconcha sp., copyright Hecht801.

Belongs within: Cytheroidea.

The Loxoconchinae are a group of ostracods known from shallow marine or brackish waters.

Characters (from Benson et al. 1961, as Loxoconchidae): Small, usually dimorphous carapaces, which may be nearly smooth but mostly are finely to coarsely pitted or reticulate; reniform to rectangularly ovate in lateral view with tendency to develop a posterior caudal process in some genera. Hinge typically gongylodont; in some species with anterior left and posterior right dentition appearing as two distinct teeth separated by deep pit but with these teeth normally united above by narrow crescentic ridge that makes horseshoe-shaped structure fitting over single tooth in opposite valve; marginal areas broad, tending to develop vestibules at ends; radial canals few, normal canals widely spaced, large, and in some genera sieve-like; adductor scars in slightly oblique row of four elongate spots (divided in some), antennal scar U- or C-shaped, mandibular scars two oval spots obliquely below and forward.

    |--Cytheromorpha Hirschmann 1909 NT02
    |    |--C. acupunctata (Brady 1880) [=Cythere acupunctata] NT02
    |    `--C. fuscata F08
    `--Loxoconcha Sars 1866 NT02
         |--L. helgolandica Klie 1929 DH86
         |--L. kosugii Nakao & Tsukagoshi 2002 NT02
         |--L. lenticulata LeRoy 1943 S-VC91
         |--L. lenticuloides (Swain & Gilby 1974) G83
         |--L. nana Marinov 1962 DH86
         |--L. pulchra Ishizaki 1968 NT02
         `--L. uranouchiensis Ishizaki 1968 NT02

*Type species of generic name indicated


Benson, R. H., J. M. Berdan et al. 1961. Systematic descriptions. In: Moore, R. C. (ed.) Treatise on Invertebrate Paleontology pt Q. Arthropoda 3: Crustacea: Ostracoda pp. Q99-Q421. Geological Society of America and University of Kansas Press.

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[F08] Fuhrmann, R. 2008. Die Ostrakoden- und Molluskenfauna des Auelehmprofils Zeitz (Landkreis Burgenland) und ihre Aussage zum Klima sowie zur Landnutzung im jüngeren Holozän Mitteldeutschlands. Mauritiana 20 (2): 253–281.

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