Pirata hygrophilus, copyright Kjetil Fjellheim.

Belongs within: Lycosidae.

The Piratinae is a group of wolf spiders characterised by male pedipalps in which the functional conductor is combined with the short thin embolus into a sickle-shaped complex that rests in a deep, narrow ascending tegular groove (Yoo & Framenau 2006). Members of the genus Pirata, the pirate wolf spiders, are found in marshy habitats and may be seen running across water surfaces.

    |--Hygrolycosa Dahl 1908 YF06
    |    `--H. rubrofasciata Ohlert 1865 FY06
    |--Aulonia Koch 1847 YF06
    |    |--*A. albimana (Walckenaer 1805) MGK03
    |    `--A. kratochvili Dunin, Buchar & Absolon 1986 MGK03
    `--Pirata Sundevall 1833 YF06
         |  i. s.: P. insularis Emerton 1885 MGK03
         |         P. latitans (Blackwall 1841) MGK03
         |         P. piraticus (Clerck 1757) MGK03 [=Araneus piraticus S99, Lycosa (Pirata) piratica K01]
         |         P. piratimorpha (Strand 1908) [=Tarentula piratimorpha, Piratula piratimorpha] J98
         |         P. piscatorius (Clerck 1757) K02 [=Lycosa (Pirata) piscatoria K01]
         |         P. uliginosus (Thorell 1856) RKD02
         |--P. subpiraticus (Bösenberg & Strand 1906) PY07, YF06
         `--+--P. piratoides PY07
            `--+--P. hygrophilus Thorell 1872 PY07, VMP02
               `--P. knorri (Scopoli 1763) PY07, VMP02

*Type species of generic name indicated


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Last updated: 23 June 2017.

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