Male Artoria cingulipes, copyright Volker Framenau.

Belongs within: Lycosidae.

The Artoriinae are a group of wolf spiders found in Australasia and insular southeast Asia, characterised by male pedipalps bearing a basoembolic apophysis, a distinct apophysis at the base of the embolus (Framenau 2007).

<==Artoriinae F07
    |--Anoteropsis Koch 1878 VMP02, F07
    |    |  i. s.: *A. flavescens Koch 1878 F07
    |    |--A. senica (Koch 1887) VMP02
    |    `--+--A. adumbrata (Urquhart 1887) VMP02
    |       `--A. lacustris Vink 2002 VMP02
    `--+--Notocosa Vink 2002 VMP02, F07
       |    `--*N. bellicosa (Goyen 1887) [=Pardosa bellicosa] F07
       `--Artoria Thorell 1877 VMP02, F08 [incl. Lycosula Roewer 1960 F07]
            |--*A. parvula Thorell 1877 F08
            |--A. albopilata (Urquhart 1893) F07
            |--A. cingulipes Simon 1909 F08
            |--A. flavimana Simon 1909 F08
            |--A. hebridisiana (Berland 1938) [=Lycosula hebridisiana] F07
            |--A. impedita (Simon 1909) FM09 [=Lycosa impedita F07, Trochosa expolita impedita F07]
            |--A. linnaei Framenau 2008 F08
            |--A. minima (Berland 1938) [=Lycosula minima] F07
            `--A. thorelli (Berland 1929) [=*Lycosula thorelli] F07

Artoriinae incertae sedis:
  Artoriopsis Framenau 2007 F07
    |--*A. expolita (Koch 1877) (see below for synonymy) F07
    |--A. anacardium Framenau 2007 F07
    |--A. eccentrica Framenau 2007 F07
    |--A. joergi Framenau 2007 F07
    |--A. klausi Framenau 2007 F07
    |--A. melissae Framenau 2007 F07
    `--A. whitehouseae Framenau 2007 f07
  Diahogna Roewer 1960 F07
    `--*D. martensii (Karsch 1878) [=Lycosa martensii] F07
  Lycosella Thorell 1890 F07
    `--*L. tenera Thorell 1890 F07
  Syroloma Simon 1900 F07
    `--*S. major Simon 1900 F07
  Tetralycosa Roewer 1960 F07
    |--T. oraria (Koch 1877) FL13 [incl. Lycosa meracula Simon 1909 FL13, *T. meracula F07]
    `--T. eyrei F07
  ‘Trochosa’ alboguttulata (Koch 1878) F07
  ‘Trochosa’ tristicula (Koch 1877) F07
  ‘Lycosa’ properipes Simon 1909 F07

*Artoriopsis expolita (Koch 1877) [=Lycosa expolita, Avicosa expolita, Schizocosa expolita, Trochosa expolita] F07

*Type species of generic name indicated


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[FM09] Framenau, V. W., B. Y. Main, M. S. Harvey & J. M. Waldock. 2009. Tapetosa, a new monotypic wolf spider genus from Western Australia (Araneae: Lycosidae: Lycosinae). Records of the Western Australian Museum 25 (3): 309–314.

[VMP02] Vink, C. J., A. D. Mitchell & A. M. Paterson. 2002. A preliminary molecular analysis of phylogenetic relationships of Australasian wolf spider genera (Araneae, Lycosidae). Journal of Arachnology 30 (2): 227–237.

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