Male Artoria cingulipes, copyright Volker Framenau.

Belongs within: Lycosidae.

The Artoriinae are a group of wolf spiders found in Australasia and insular southeast Asia, characterised by male pedipalps bearing a distinct apophysis at the base of the embolus. Members of the subfamily vary from small to large in size, and the shape of the basoembolic apophysis may vary from thin and lamellar to strongly sclerotised (Framenau 2007).

<==Artoriinae F07
    |--+--Notocosa Vink 2002 VMP02, F07
    |  |    `--*N. bellicosa (Goyen 1887) [=Pardosa bellicosa] F07
    |  `--Artoria Thorell 1877 VMP02, F08 [incl. Lycosula Roewer 1960 F07]
    |       |--*A. parvula Thorell 1877 F08
    |       |--A. albopilata (Urquhart 1893) F07
    |       |--A. cingulipes Simon 1909 F08
    |       |--A. flavimana Simon 1909 F08
    |       |--A. hebridisiana (Berland 1938) [=Lycosula hebridisiana] F07
    |       |--A. hospita Vink 2002 PVD10
    |       |--A. impedita (Simon 1909) FM09 [=Lycosa impedita F07, Trochosa expolita impedita F07]
    |       |--A. linnaei Framenau 2008 F08
    |       |--A. minima (Berland 1938) [=Lycosula minima] F07
    |       |--A. segrega Vink 2002 PVD10
    |       |--A. separata Vink 2002 PVD10
    |       `--A. thorelli (Berland 1929) [=*Lycosula thorelli] F07
    `--Anoteropsis Koch 1878 VMP02, F07
         |  i. s.: *A. flavescens Koch 1878 F07
         |         A. aerescens (Goyen 1887) PVD10
         |         A. alpina Vink 2002 PVD10
         |         A. arenivaga (de Dalmas 1917) PVD10
         |         A. blesti Vink 2002 PVD10
         |         A. canescens (Goyen 1887) PVD10
         |         A. cantuaria Vink 2002 PVD10
         |         A. forsteri Vink 2002 PVD10
         |         A. hallae Vink 2002 PD10
         |         A. hilaris (Koch 1877) PVD10
         |         A. insularis Vink 2002 PVD10
         |         A. litoralis Vink 2002 PVD10
         |         A. montana Vink 2002 PVD10
         |         A. okatainae Vink 2002 PVD10
         |         A. ralphi (Simon 1905) PVD10
         |         A. urquharti (Simon 1898) PVD10
         |         A. westlandica Vink 2002 PVD10
         |--A. senica (Koch 1877) VMP02, PVD10
         `--+--A. adumbrata (Urquhart 1887) VMP02
            `--A. lacustris Vink 2002 VMP02

Artoriinae incertae sedis:
  Artoriopsis Framenau 2007 F07
    |--*A. expolita (Koch 1877) (see below for synonymy) F07
    |--A. anacardium Framenau 2007 F07
    |--A. eccentrica Framenau 2007 F07
    |--A. joergi Framenau 2007 F07
    |--A. klausi Framenau 2007 F07
    |--A. melissae Framenau 2007 F07
    `--A. whitehouseae Framenau 2007 F07
  Diahogna Roewer 1960 F07
    `--*D. martensii (Karsch 1878) [=Lycosa martensii] F07
  Lycosella Thorell 1890 F07
    `--*L. tenera Thorell 1890 F07
  Syroloma Simon 1900 F07
    `--*S. major Simon 1900 F07
  Tetralycosa Roewer 1960 F07
    |--T. oraria (Koch 1877) FL13 [incl. Lycosa meracula Simon 1909 FL13, *T. meracula F07]
    `--T. eyrei F07
  ‘Trochosa’ alboguttulata (Koch 1878) F07
  ‘Trochosa’ tristicula (Koch 1877) F07
  ‘Lycosa’ properipes Simon 1909 F07

*Artoriopsis expolita (Koch 1877) [=Lycosa expolita, Avicosa expolita, Schizocosa expolita, Trochosa expolita] F07

*Type species of generic name indicated


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Last updated: 22 January 2022.

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