Garden centre spider Uloborus plumipes, copyright Olaf Leillinger.

Belongs within: Entelegynae.

The Deinopoidea are the cribellate orb-weaving spiders, including the net-casting spiders of the Deinopidae and the triangle-web spiders of the Uloboridae.

Synapomorphies (from Jocqué & Dippenaar-Schoeman 2007): Tapeta absent; abdominal tubercles present; deinopoid tarsal comb present; numerous cylindrical gland spigots on posterior median and lateral spinnerets; resting position on web with anterior legs extended.

    |--Deinopidae BS09
    |    |--Avella P.-Cambridge 1877 JD-S07
    |    |--Avellopsis Purcell 1904 JD-S07
    |    |--Menneus Simon 1876 JD-S07
    |    |    `--M. camelus JD-S07
    |    `--Deinopis Macleay 1839 JD-S07
    |         |--D. bicornis B96
    |         |--D. kollari Doleschall 1859 D59
    |         |--D. ravidus B96
    |         |--D. spinosa BS09
    |         `--D. subrufa (Koch 1879) B96
    `--Uloboridae [Uloboroidae, Uloboroidea] BS09
         |  i. s.: Philoponella E90
         |           |--P. oweni WY88
         |           |--P. republicana (Simon 1891) A02
         |           `--P. vicina E90
         |         Philoponus Thorell 1887 K92
         |           `--P. pinnipes (Thor. 1877) [=Uloborus pinnipes] K92
         |         Octonoba sybotides (Bösenberg & Strand 1906) B11
         |         Miagrammopinae [Miagrammopoidae] W76
         |           |--Miagrammopes Cambridge 1869 W76
         |           |    `--M. candata Koch & Keyserling 1890 KK84
         |           |--Miagrammopsidis Wunderlich 1976 W76
         |           |    `--*M. flavus Wunderlich 1976 W76
         |           `--Ranguma Lehtinen 1967 W76
         |                |--R. bradleyi (Pickard-Cambridge 1874) [=Miagrammopes bradleyi] W76
         |                `--R. lehtineni Wunderlich 1976 W76
         |         Tangaroinae JD-S07
         |--+--Waitkera waitakerensis BS09
         |  `--Hyptiotes BS09 [Hyptiotinae]
         |       |--H. cavatus E90
         |       |--H. gertschi BS09
         |       `--H. paradoxus E90
         `--Uloborus Latreille 1806 BS09, JD-S07 [Uloborinae]
              |--U. americanus B06
              |--U. diversus E90
              |--U. domesticus Doleschall 1859 D59
              |--U. geniculatus Olivier 1789 B06, Z02 [=Uloborus geniculatus B96]
              |--U. pantherinus Koch & Keyserling 1890 KK84
              |--U. plumipes Lucas 1846 E12
              |--U. spinitarsis Koch & Keyserling 1887 KK84
              |--U. trilineatus E90
              `--U. variabilis Koch & Keyserling 1887 KK84

*Type species of generic name indicated


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