Cybaeus nipponicus, from here.

Belongs within: Entelegynae.

The Argyronetidae is a Holarctic group of spiders including the water spider Argyroneta aquatica and related terrestrial species.

Characters (from Selden 2002): Legs with unnotched trochanters, three tarsal claws, single row of tarsal trichobothria; ecribellate; spinnerets not in a transverse row, anterior spinnerets closely spaced, posterior spinnerets narrowed with very short distal segment.

<==Argyronetidae [Cybaeidae]
    |  i. s.: Cybaeota S02
    |         Cybaeozyga S02
    |         Cybaeina minuta (Banks 1906) WZ08
    |--Cybaeus Koch 1868 MG03 [Cybaeae, Cybaeinae S02]
    |    |--C. abchasicus Charitonov 1947 MG03
    |    |--C. angustiarum Koch 1868 MG03
    |    |--C. hesper Chamberlin & Ivie 1932 S02
    |    |--C. hibaensis T07
    |    |--C. jilinensis (Song et al. 1993) WZ08
    |    |--C. nipponicus T07
    |    |--C. patritus Bishop & Crosby 1926 S02
    |    |--C. tetricus JD-S07
    |    `--C. tottoriensis T07
    `--Argyronetinae [Argyroneteae] S02
         |  i. s.: Gohia Dalmas 1917 S02
         |           |--*G. falxiata (Hogg 1909) [=Rubrius falxiatus, G. falcata] F64
         |           |--G. clarki Forster 1964 F64
         |           |--G. enderbyensis Forster 1964 F64
         |           `--G. wenhami (Forster 1955) [=Chiracanthium wenhami] F64
         |         Urquhartia Bryant 1933 S02
         |--Vectaraneus yulei Selden 2001 S02
         `--+--Elvina Thorell 1870 S02
            |    `--*E. antiqua (von Heyden 1859) [=Argyroneta antiqua] S02
            `--Argyroneta Latreille 1804 S02
                 |--*A. aquatica (Clerck 1757) [=Araneus aquaticus] S02
                 `--A. longipes Heer 1865 [=Argyronecta (l. c.) longipes] S02

*Type species of generic name indicated


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