Diplocephalus cristatus, from Pavouci.

Belongs within: Linyphiidae.

Diplocephalus is a Holarctic genus of small spiders with the anterior part of the male carapace drawn out into a pair of prominences.

Characters (from here): Margin of carapace without teeth. Tibial spination 2-2-1-1, tibia I without ventral spines; dorsal spines on metatarsus I at more than 0.4× but less than 0.8× total length from proximal end, metatarsus I without trichobothrium. Male carapace with cephalic pits; palpal tibia with long curved apical apophysis.

    |--D. barbatus (Koch 1879) MKD01
    |--D. connatus Bertkau 1889 BH02
    |--D. cristatus FF99
    |--D. cuneatus JVHN90
    |--D. dentatus Tullgren 1955 RKD02
    |--D. latifrons (P.-Cambridge 1863) MKD01
    |--D. marusiki Eskov 1988 MKD01
    |--D. montanus Eskov 1988 MKD01
    |--D. permixtus (Pickard-Cambridge 1871) PG08
    |--D. picinus (Blackwall 1841) BBM02
    |--D. protuberans (Pickard-Cambridge 1875) PO08
    `--D. subrostratus (P.-Cambridge 1873) MKD01

*Type species of generic name indicated


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