Male Erigone atra, copyright Michael Hohner.

Belongs within: Linyphiidae.

Erigone is a cosmopolitan genus of small spiders, one of the group commonly known as 'money spiders'. The genus is most diverse in the Holarctic region.

Characters (from here): Margin of carapace bearing teeth (large in male, small in female); tibial spination 2-2-1-1, tibia I without ventral spines; metatarsus IV without trichobothrion.

<==Erigone Audouin 1826 PVD10
    |--E. arctica (White 1852) BBM02
    |--E. atra (Blackwall 1833) BH02
    |--E. autumnalis Emerton 1882 WCH11
    |--E. dentipalpis (Wider 1834) SS02
    |--E. dentosa BS09
    |--E. eisenschmidti Wunderlich 1976 W76
    |--E. graminicola K01
    |--E. longipalpis (Sundevall 1830) BBM02
    |--E. piechockii Heimer 1987 MKD01
    |--E. prominens Bösenberg & Strand 1906 W76
    |--E. promiscua (Cambridge 1873) BBM02
    |--E. vagans Audouin 1827 [incl. E. jeannei Bristowe 1935] W77
    `--E. wiltoni Locket 1973 W76

*Type species of generic name indicated


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Last updated: 23 June 2017.

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