Huara grossa female, photographed by S. E. Thorpe.

Belongs within: Amphinectidae.

Huara is a New Zealand genus of spiders characterised by a straight anterior row of eyes together with the presence of a free median apophysis on the male palp (Forster 1964).

Characters (from Forster 1964): Large spiders with the anterior row of eyes straight wben viewed from in front. Legs with a double row of spines on the ventral surfaces of tibiae and metatarsi, trichobothria on tibiae, metatarsi and tarsi and a scopula on the ventral surface of all tarsi. Spinnerets short, colulus well developed. Male with a free median apophysis.

<==Huara Forster 1964 PVD10
    |--*H. antarctica (Berland 1931) PVD10 [=Gohia antarctica F64, Chiracanthium antarcticum F64]
    |--H. chapmanae Forster & Wilton 1973 PVD10
    |--H. decorata Forster & Wilton 1973 PVD10
    |--H. dolosa Forster & Wilton 1973 PVD10
    |--H. grossa Forster 1964 PVD10
    |--H. hastata Forster & Wilton 1973 PVD10
    |--H. inflata Forster & Wilton 1973 PVD10
    |--H. kikkawa Forster & Wilton 1973 PVD10
    |--H. marplesi Forster & Wilton 1973 PVD10
    |--H. mura Forster & Wilton 1973 PVD10
    |--H. ovalis (Hogg 1909) PVD10
    |--H. pudica Forster & Wilton 1973 PVD10
    `--H. sorenseni (Forster 1955) [=Chiracanthium sorenseni] F64

*Type species of generic name indicated


[F64] Forster, R. R. 1964. The Araneae and Opiliones of the subantarctic islands of New Zealand. Pacific Insects Monograph 7: 58–115.

[PVD10] Paquin, P., C. J. Vink & N. Dupérré. 2010. Spiders of New Zealand: annotated family key and species list. Manaaki Whenua Press: Lincoln (New Zealand).

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