Male Hickmanolobus linnaei, with close-up of palp inset. Copyright Barbara Baehr.

Belongs within: Haplogynae.

The Orsolobidae are a group of ground-hunting spiders found in the Southern Hemisphere.

Characters (from JocquƩ & Dippenaar-Schoeman 2007): Small; six eyes present with four eyes in anterior row, and posterior lateral eyes behind anterior lateral eyes; legs with two tarsal claws, which are biserially dentate with an onychium and spatulate claw tufts; tarsal organ elevated; posterior tracheae anteriorly positioned; ecribellate; haplogyne.

Orsolobidae [Orsolobini]
    |--Orsolobus Simon 1893 JD-S07
    |--Tautukua FF99
    |--Bealeyia FF99
    |--Anopsolobus FF99
    |--Tasmanoonops Hickman 1930 BS08
    |--Australobus Forster & Platnick 1985 BS08
    |--Cornifalx Hickman 1979 BS08
    |--Afrilobus jocquei JD-S07
    |--Wiltonia JD-S07
    |--Pounamuella FF99
    |    |--P. australis FF99
    |    `--P. ramsayi (Forster 1956) [=Pounamuella vulgaris ramsayi] NS00
    |--Tangata FF99
    |    |--T. orepukiensis (Forster 1956) [=Ascuta orepukiensis] NS00
    |    `--T. stewartensis (Forster 1956) [=Ascuta stewartensis] NS00
    |--Duripelta FF99
    |    |--D. australis Forster 1956 NS00
    |    |--D. minuta Forster 1956 NS00
    |    `--D. pallida (Forster 1956) [=Ascuta pallida] NS00
    `--Hickmanolobus Forster & Platnick 1985 BS08
         |--*H. mollipes (Hickman 1932) [=Oonopinus mollipes] BS08
         |--H. ibisca Baehr & Smith 2008 BS08
         |--H. jojo Baehr & Smith 2008 BS08
         `--H. linnaei Baehr & Smith 2008 BS08

*Type species of generic name indicated


[BS08] Baehr, B. C., & H. M. Smith. 2008. Three new species of the Australian orsolobid spider genus Hickmanolobus (Araneae: Orsolobidae). Records of the Western Australian Museum 24 (4): 325–336.

[FF99] Forster, R., & L. Forster. 1999. Spiders of New Zealand and their World-wide Kin. University of Otago Press: Dunedin (New Zealand).

[JD-S07] JocquƩ, R., & A. S. Dippenaar-Schoeman. 2007. Spider Families of the World. Royal Museum for Central Africa: Tervuren (Belgium).

[NS00] Nicholls, D. C., P. J. Sirvid, S. D. Pollard & M. Walker. 2000. A list of arachnid primary types held in Canterbury Museum. Records of the Canterbury Museum 14: 37–48.

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