Aphid fly Leucopis sp., copyright ICAR-National Bureau of Agricultural Insect Resources.

Belongs within: Schizophora.
Contains: Lauxaniidae.

The Lauxanioidea are a group of small to medium-sized flies characterised by convergent postvertical bristles, a shortened anal vein that does not reach the wing margin, and the presence of only a single dorsal sclerite between the sixth tergite and the periandrium in the male. They include the Celyphidae, beetle flies, a group of tropical flies with an enlarged scutellum overhanging the abdomen, beneath which the wings are folded at rest.

The Chamaemyiidae are small stocky flies with larvae predatory on plant-sucking bugs such as aphids and scales. Members of the Holarctic chamaemyiid genus Cremifania lack a prescutellum and presutural supra-alar seta, and have a large, darkly clouded pterostigmal space on the wing. Other chamaemyiids in the subfamily Chamaemyiinae have the supra-alar seta and usually the prescutellum, and the pterostigmal space is smaller and usually only lightly clouded. Within the Chamaemyiinae, the Chamaemyiini have an elongate, posteriorly tapering body form, postocellar setae and strong ocellar setae. The Leucopini have a more compact body with postocellar setae absent and ocellar setae absent or small (Gaimari 2010).

<==Lauxanioidea WT11
    |--+--Lauxaniidae WT11
    |  `--Celyphidae WT11
    |       |--Spaniocelyphus umsinduzi WT11
    |       |--Acelyphus O98
    |       `--Idiocelyphus O98
    `--Chamaemyiidae WT11
         |  i. s.: Chaetoleucopis CM91
         |         Gayomyia CM91
         |         Procremifania electrica M87
         |         Anochthiphila nigra O98
         |--Ochthiphila [Ochthiphilidae, Ochthiphilinae] K01
         |    |--O. aridella K01
         |    `--O. coronata K01
         |--Cremifania [Cremifaniidae, Cremifaniinae] G10
         |    |--C. nearctica WT11
         |    `--C. nigrocellulata G10
         `--Chamaemyiinae G10
              |--Chamaemyiini [Acrometopiini] G10
              |    |--Acrometopia reicherti G10, O98
              |    |--Parapamecia G10
              |    |--Parochthiphila coronata G10, WT11
              |    |--Plunomia elegans G10
              |    |--Chamaemyia G10
              |    |    |--C. flavipalpis GT96
              |    |    |--C. fumicosta G10
              |    |    `--C. polystigma G10
              |    |--Pseudoleucopis M87
              |    |    |--P. benefica M87
              |    |    `--P. fasciventris CM91
              |    |--Pseudodinia G10
              |    |    |--P. meridionalis G10
              |    |    |--P. obscura G10
              |    |    |--P. tuberculata G10
              |    |    `--P. varipes G10
              |    `--Ortalidina G10
              |         |--*O. cellularis G10
              |         |--O. longipennis G10
              |         |--O. nigripalpis G10
              |         `--O. punctata [=Toropamecia punctata] G10
              `--Leucopini [Leucopinae] G10
                   |--Melaleucopis simmondsi G10
                   |--Leucopomyia pulvinaria G10 [=Leucopis (Leucopomyia) pulvinariae M87]
                   |--Anchioleucopis macalpinei G10
                   |--Echinoleucopis G10
                   |--Lipoleucopis praecox M87, G10
                   |--Neoleucopis G10
                   |    |--N. atratula [=Leucopis (Neoleucopis) atratula] M87
                   |    |--N. obscura GT96
                   |    `--N. pinicola G10 [=Leucopis (Neoleucopis) pinicola M87]
                   |--Leucopina G10
                   |    |--L. bellula G10
                   |    |--L. bivittata G10
                   |    `--L. ocellaris G10 [=Leucopis ocellaris BW09]
                   `--Leucopis G10
                        |  i. s.: L. albipuncta GT96
                        |         L. americana [=Leucopina americana] GT96
                        |         L. annulipes Zetterstedt 1848 R96
                        |         L. cerasiphila T96
                        |         L. conciliata GT96
                        |         L. gaimarii Tanasijtshuk 1996 T96
                        |         L. glyphinivora T96
                        |         L. griseola K01
                        |         L. interruptovittata GT96
                        |         L. ninae Tanasijtshuk 1966 T96
                        |         L. pallidolineata T96
                        |         L. tapiae P09
                        |         L. verticalis GT96
                        |--L. (Leucopis) G10
                        |    |--L. (L.) charactophalla G10
                        |    |--L. (L.) flavicornis G10
                        |    |--L. (L.) hennigrata M87
                        |    `--L. (L.) simplex G10
                        `--L. geniculata M87

*Type species of generic name indicated


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Last updated: 29 June 2021.

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