Aphid fly Leucopis sp., copyright ICAR-National Bureau of Agricultural Insect Resources.

Belongs within: Schizophora.
Contains: Lauxaniidae.

The Lauxanioidea are a group of small to medium-sized flies characterised by convergent postvertical bristles, a shortened anal vein that does not reach the wing margin, and the presence of only a single dorsal sclerite between the sixth tergite and the periandrium in the male. They include the Chamaemyiidae, small stocky flies with larvae predatory on plant-sucking bugs such as aphids and scales (McAlpine 1987). Members of the Holarctic chamaemyiid genus Cremifania lack a prescutellum and presutural supra-alar seta, and have a large, darkly clouded pterostigmal space on the wing, whereas other chamaemyiids in the subfamily Chamaemyiinae have the supra-alar seta and usually the prescutellum, and the pterostigmal space is smaller and usually only lightly clouded (Gaimari 2010). The Celyphidae, beetle flies, are a group of tropical flies with an enlarged scutellum overhanging the abdomen, beneath which the wings are folded at rest.

<==Lauxanioidea WT11
    |--+--Lauxaniidae WT11
    |  `--Celyphidae WT11
    |       |--Spaniocelyphus umsinduzi WT11
    |       |--Acelyphus O98
    |       `--Idiocelyphus O98
    `--Chamaemyiidae WT11
         |  i. s.: Chaetoleucopis CM91
         |         Gayomyia CM91
         |         Procremifania electrica M87
         |         Anochthiphila nigra O98
         |--Ochthiphila [Ochthiphilidae, Ochthiphilinae] K01
         |    |--O. aridella K01
         |    `--O. coronata K01
         |--Cremifania [Cremifaniidae, Cremifaniinae] G10
         |    |--C. nearctica WT11
         |    `--C. nigrocellulata G10
         `--Chamaemyiinae G10
              |--Chamaemyiini [Acrometopiini] G10
              |    |--Acrometopia reicherti G10, O98
              |    |--Parapamecia G10
              |    |--Parochthiphila coronata G10, WT11
              |    |--Plunomia elegans G10
              |    |--Chamaemyia G10
              |    |    |--C. flavipalpis GT96
              |    |    |--C. fumicosta G10
              |    |    `--C. polystigma G10
              |    |--Pseudoleucopis M87
              |    |    |--P. benefica M87
              |    |    `--P. fasciventris CM91
              |    |--Pseudodinia G10
              |    |    |--P. meridionalis G10
              |    |    |--P. obscura G10
              |    |    |--P. tuberculata G10
              |    |    `--P. varipes G10
              |    `--Ortalidina G10
              |         |--*O. cellularis G10
              |         |--O. longipennis G10
              |         |--O. nigripalpis G10
              |         `--O. punctata [=Toropamecia punctata] G10
              `--Leucopini [Leucopinae] G10
                   |--Melaleucopis simmondsi G10
                   |--Leucopomyia pulvinaria G10 [=Leucopis (Leucopomyia) pulvinariae M87]
                   |--Anchioleucopis macalpinei G10
                   |--Echinoleucopis G10
                   |--Lipoleucopis praecox M87
                   |--Neoleucopis G10
                   |    |--N. atratula [=Leucopis (Neoleucopis) atratula] M87
                   |    |--N. obscura GT96
                   |    `--N. pinicola G10 [=Leucopis (Neoleucopis) pinicola M87]
                   |--Leucopina G10
                   |    |--L. bellula G10
                   |    |--L. bivittata G10
                   |    `--L. ocellaris G10 [=Leucopis ocellaris BW09]
                   `--Leucopis G10
                        |  i. s.: L. albipuncta GT96
                        |         L. americana [=Leucopina americana] GT96
                        |         L. annulipes Zetterstedt 1848 R96
                        |         L. cerasiphila T96
                        |         L. conciliata GT96
                        |         L. gaimarii Tanasijtshuk 1996 T96
                        |         L. glyphinivora T96
                        |         L. griseola K01
                        |         L. interruptovittata GT96
                        |         L. ninae Tanasijtshuk 1966 T96
                        |         L. pallidolineata T96
                        |         L. tapiae P09
                        |         L. verticalis GT96
                        |--L. (Leucopis) G10
                        |    |--L. (L.) charactophalla G10
                        |    |--L. (L.) flavicornis G10
                        |    |--L. (L.) hennigrata M87
                        |    `--L. (L.) simplex G10
                        `--L. geniculata M87

*Type species of generic name indicated


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Last updated: 9 January 2021.

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