Heart and dart Agrotis exclamationis, copyright Entomart.

Belongs within: Macrolepidoptera.

Agrotis, cutworms, is a genus of moths with ground-dwelling larvae that feed on plants from the base.

Characters (from Hampson 1892): Eyes naked and without lashes. Proboscis well developed. Palpi obliquely porrect, with second segment evenly scaled and third segment prominent. Thorax and abdomen without tufts. Abdomen somewhat flattened. Tibia very strongly spined. Fore wings with non-crenulate outer margin. Hind wings with veins 3 and 4 from cell.

<==Agrotis [Agrotiinae, Agrotini]
    |--A. crinigera SS96
    |--A. exclamationis V09
    |--A. infusa G84
    |--A. islandica [incl. A. islandica var. rossica] P01
    |--A. lycarum P01
    |--A. munda G84
    |--A. prasina P01
    |--A. putris P01
    `--A. ypsilon C90
         |--A. y. ypsilon M83
         `--A. y. anietuma M83

*Type species of generic name indicated


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