Agapetus fuscipes, copyright Janet Graham.

Belongs within: Trichoptera.
Contains: Hydroptilidae, Leptoceroidea, Limnephiloidea.

The Integripalpia are a group of caddisflies in which the larvae construct a portable tube or case for protection. In members of the family Glossosomatidae, the saddle-case makers, the case is dome-shaped and constructed of small stones with smaller grains used for the flattened ventral side.

Synapomorphies (from Ivanov & Sukatsheva 2002, as Phryganeina): Larva with head hypognathous, spinneret opening with wide dorsal lobe, silk thread flat, anal prolegs short and stout at least in last instar, claw articulation lateral (occasionally reversed to dorsal); larva marking portable tubes as provisional or permanent retreat; pupation in shelter usually transformed from larval retreat or in new retreat structurally similar to larval construction; hind wing crossvein PCu-1A thin, vertical.

<==Integripalpia [Phryganeina] GE05
    |--+--Hydroptilidae IS02
    |  `--+--Vitimotauliidae IS02
    |     |    |--Purbimodus S02
    |     |    `--Multimodus IS02
    |     |         |--M. bureensis S02
    |     |         `--M. pedunculatus IS02
    |     `--+--Leptoceroidea GE05
    |        `--+--Tascuna Neboiss 1975 N83 [Oeconesidae GE05]
    |           |    `--*T. ignota Neboiss 1975 N83
    |           `--Limnephiloidea GE05
    `--Glossosomatidae [Glossosomatoidea] IS02
         |  i. s.: Electragapetus scitulus RJ93
         |--Glossosoma Curtis 1834 [Glossosomatinae] BZ-M04
         |    |--G. boltoni Curtis 1834 BZ-M04
         |    `--G. spoliatum McLachlan 1879 BZ-M04
         `--Agapetinae BZ-M04
              |--Synagapetus McLachlan 1879 BZ-M04
              `--Agapetus Curtis 1834 BZ-M04
                   |--*A. fuscipes Curtis 1834 N83
                   |--A. cralus (Mosely 1953) (see below for synonymy) N83
                   |--A. dayi Ross 1956 N83
                   |--A. evansi Ross 1956 N83
                   |--A. incertulus McLachlan 1884 BZ-M04
                   |--A. kimminsi Ross 1956 N83
                   |--A. laparus Neboiss 1977 [=A. (Synagapetus) laparus] N83
                   |--A. monticolus Banks 1939 [=A. (Synagapetus) monticolus] N83
                   |--A. ochripes BZ-M04
                   |--A. pontona (Mosely 1953) [=Synagapetus pontona] N83
                   |--A. tasmanicus (Mosely 1953) [=Synagapetus tasmanicus] N83
                   `--A. theischingeri BZ-M04

Agapetus cralus (Mosely 1953) [=Synagapetus crala, A. (Synagapetus) crala; incl. S. styliferus Jacquemart 1965] N83

*Type species of generic name indicated


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Last updated: 16 July 2020.

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