Scarce copper Lycaena virgaureae, copyright Algirdas.

Belongs within: Lycaenidae.

Lycaena, coppers, is a genus of butterflies found primarily in the Holarctic region. Males of this genus usually have the ground colour of the upper wing surface orange.

    |--L. admetus [incl. L. admetus var. ripperti] P01
    |--L. aegon P01
    |--L. amanda P01
    |--L. argiades [incl. L. argiades ab. coretas] P01
    |--L. argus P01
    |--L. arion [incl. L. arion var. cyanecula, L. arion var. obscura] P01
    |--L. boldenarum O81
    |--L. cnejus WM66
    |--L. damon P01
    |--L. elpis WM66
    |--L. eros P01
    |--L. eumedon P01
    |--L. icarus P01
    |--L. iolas Ochsenheimer 1816 B08
    |--L. kandarpa WM66
    |--L. karsandra Moore 1865 WM66
    |--L. nisa Wallace & Moore 1866 WM66
    |--L. parrhasius WM66
    |--L. plinius WM66
    |--L. pluto WM66
    |--L. sangra Moore 1865 WM66
    |--L. semiargus P01
    |--L. varunana Moore 1865 WM66
    `--L. virgaureae (Linnaeus 1758) JP05

*Type species of generic name indicated


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