Swiss cheese plant Monstera deliciosa, photographed by Wouter Hagens.

Belongs within: Araceae.
Contains: Rhaphidophora.

The Monsteroideae are a group of aroid plants characterised by numerous trichosclereids in the vegetative and floral parts, and mostly aperigoniate bisexual flowers.

<==Monsteroideae [Anepsiadeae, Monsterinae]
    |--Heteropsideae TB04
    |    |--Alloschemone occidentalis TB04
    |    |--Heteropsis oblongifolia TB04
    |    |--Rhodospatha [incl. Anepsias, Atimeta] TB04
    |    |    |--R. guanchensis TB04
    |    |    `--+--R. falconense TB04
    |    |       `--R. oblongata TB04
    |    `--Stenospermation TB04
    |         |--S. ulei TB04
    |         `--+--S. multiovatum TB04
    |            `--S. popayanense TB04
    `--+--Spathiphylleae TB04
       |    |--Mayoa Friis, Pedersen & Crane 2004 FPC04
       |    |    `--*M. portugallica Friis, Pedersen & Crane 2004 FPC04
       |    `--Spathiphyllum TB04
       |         |--+--S. cannifolium TB04
       |         |  `--Holochlamys beccarii TB04
       |         `--+--S. patinii TB04
       |            `--+--S. cochlearispathum TB04
       |               `--S. wallisii TB04
       `--Monstereae [Rhaphidophoreae] TB04
            |--+--Rhaphidophora TB04
            |  `--Anadendrum [Anadendreae] TB04
            |       `--A. microstachyum TB04
            |--+--Epipremnum TB04
            |  |    |--E. falcifolium TB04
            |  |    `--E. papuanum TB04
            |  `--+--‘Rhaphidophora’ grallatrix TB04
            |     `--Scindapsus [incl. Cuscuaria] TB04
            |          |--S. aureus MH98
            |          |--S. hederaceus TB04
            |          |--S. longistipitatus TB04
            |          `--S. pictus TB04
            `--+--+--‘Epipremnum’ pinnatum TB04
               |  `--Amydrium TB04
               |       |--A. hainanense TB04
               |       |--A. humile TB04
               |       |--A. magnificum TB04
               |       `--A. medium TB04
               `--+--+--‘Rhaphidophora’ beccarii TB04
                  |  |--‘Rhaphidophora’ korthalsii TB04
                  |  |--‘Rhaphidophora’ latevaginata TB04
                  |  `--+--‘Rhaphidophora’ crassicaulis TB04
                  |     `--‘Rhaphidophora’ luchunensis TB04
                  `--Monstera [incl. Amomophyllum, Tornelia] TB04
                       |--M. deliciosa TB04
                       `--+--M. adansonii TB04
                          |    |--M. a. var. adansonii TB04
                          |    `--M. a. var. klotzschiana TB04
                          |--M. falcifolia TB04
                          `--M. obliqua TB04

*Type species of generic name indicated


[FPC04] Friis, E. M., K. R. Pedersen & P. R. Crane. 2004. Araceae from the Early Cretaceous of Portugal: evidence on the emergence of monocotyledons. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA 101 (47): 16565–16570.

[MH98] Morikawa, H., A. Higaki, M. Nohno, M. Takahashi, M. Kamada, M. Nakata, G. Toyohara, Y. Okamura, K. Matsui, S. Kitani, K. Fujita, K. Irifune & N. Goshima. 1998. More than a 600-fold variation in nitrogen dioxide assimilation among 217 plant taxa. Plant, Cell and Environment 21: 180–190.

[TB04] Tam, S.-M., P. C. Boyce, T. M. Upson, D. BarabĂ©, A. Bruneau, F. Forest & J. S. Parker. 2004. Intergeneric and infrafamilial phylogeny of subfamily Monsteroideae (Araceae) revealed by chloroplast trnL-F sequences. American Journal of Botany 91 (3): 490–498.

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