Drapetis sp., copyright Proctoss.

Belongs within: Empidoidea.

The Hybotidae are a group of long-legged flies previously classified in the Empididae, albeit as a distinct group 'Ocydromiinea'. Males of this family have the terminalia rotated 90° to the right. Within the family, the Tachydromiinae are characterised by wings that lack both cell dm and obvious forks in veins R4+5 and M1+2 (Steyskal & Knutson 1981).

Characters (from Steyskal & Knutson 1981, as Ocydromiinea): R5 not separated from R4; Sc ending free in membrane or running indistinctly alongside apical part of R1, not attaining C; C ending at end of M, or R5; precoxal bridge reduced; lacinia of maxilla lacking or reduced; palpus removed from stipes and joined to a special sclerite (palpifer); mouthparts movable into anteriorly directed position; fore tibia with gland near base opening posteroventrally; abdominal spiracles with tubiform opening, without microtrichia; terminalia of male twisted to right; female without sclerotised spermathecae.

<==Hybotidae [Ocydromiinea, Ocydromioinea] WT11
    |  i. s.: Trichinites cretaceous GE05
    |         Alavesia subiasi GE05
    |         Electrocyrtoma burmanica GE05
    |         Pseudoacarterus oropaensis GE05
    |         Mesoplatypalpus carpenteri GE05
    |         Cretoplatypalpus GE05
    |           |--C. americanus GE05
    |           `--C. archaeus GE05
    |--Oedaleinae CS09
    |    |--Oedalea ohioensis SK81
    |    |--Euthyneura bucinator CS09, SK81
    |    `--Anthalia lacteipennis CS09, SK81
    |--Ocydromiinae SK81
    |    |--Ocydromia glabricula WT11
    |    |--Hoplocyrtoma SK81
    |    |--Leptopeza disparilis SK81
    |    |--Allanthalia pallida SK81
    |    |--Trichina SK81
    |    |--Chvalaea CS09
    |    `--Oropezella CS09
    |--Hybotinae BLM02
    |    |--Bicellaria [Bicellariini] CS09
    |    |    `--B. uvens SK81
    |    `--Hybotini CS09
    |         |--Syneches thoracicus CS09, SK81
    |         |--Syndyas dorsalis CS09, SK81
    |         |--Lactistomyia CS09
    |         |--Cerathybos CS09
    |         |--Smithybos CS09
    |         |--Hybos WT11
    |         |    |--H. culiciformis WT11
    |         |    `--H. reversus M90
    |         |--Euhybus CS09
    |         |    |--E. purpureus CS09
    |         |    `--E. subjectus CS09
    |         `--Neohybos CS09
    |              |--N. derodactylus CS09
    |              |--N. hallexus [=Euhybus hallexus] CS09
    |              `--N. leptogaster CS09
    `--Tachydromiinae BLM02
         |--Archiplatypalpus cretaceus BLM02, GE05
         |--Tachypeza winthemi SK81
         |--Tachyempis SK81
         |--Charadrodromia SK81
         |--Megagrapha pubescens SK81
         |--Symballophthalmus masoni SK81
         |--Baeodromia pleuritica [=Stilpon pleuriticus] CS09
         |--Crossopalpus scissa [=Drapetis (Crossopalpus) scissa] CS09
         |--Chaetodromia CS09
         |--Elaphropeza CS09
         |--Micrempis SK81 [incl. Allodromia CS09]
         |    `--M. testacea SK81
         |--Chersodromia [incl. Coloboneura, Thinodromia] SK81
         |    |--C. longicornis CS09
         |    `--C. madelinae CS09
         |--Stilpon SK81
         |    |--S. curvipes CS09
         |    `--S. vockerothi CS09
         |--Tachydromia SK81
         |    |--T. albocapillata K01
         |    `--T. maculipennis SK81
         |--Austrodromia CS09
         |    |--A. blomae CS09
         |    `--A. talaris CS09
         |--Platypalpus SK81
         |    |--P. algirus Macquart 1849 E12
         |    |--P. holosericea BM76
         |    `--P. trivialis SK81
         `--Drapetis SK81
              |--D. armata SK81 [=Crossopalpus armata CW09]
              |--D. flexuosa K01
              `--D. setigera K01

*Type species of generic name indicated


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Last updated: 14 June 2018.

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