Servillia sp., copyright Shyamal L..

Belongs within: Tachinidae.
Contains: Siphonini, Polideini, Nemoraeini, Wagneriini, Tachina.

The Tachininae are a poorly defined group of parasitic flies whose females possess a uterus and deposit eggs ready to hatch; the majority of species do not oviposit directly on the host itself but scatter eggs in suitable habitats with the larvae then waiting to encounter a suitable host. Members of the genus Ormia that parasitise orthopterans locate singing males by means of tympanic organs on the enlarged prosternum and fire eggs in the direction of the sound (Wood & Zumbado 2010). Male terminalia of Tachininae usually have the surstyli widely separated and syntergosternite 7 + 8 is often large and bulbous (Wood 1987). Members of the tribe Tachinini have crossed inner verticle bristles, a bean- or kidney-shaped first flagellomere, bare prosternum and setose hind coxa (Wood & Zumbado 2010).

<==Tachininae [Macquartiinae]
    |--+--Gymnocheta viridis (Fallén 1810) KP10
    |  `--Triarthria KP10
    |       |--T. setipennis (Fallén 1810) KP10
    |       `--T. spinipennis W87
    `--Tachinini WZ10
         |--Itacuphocera WZ10
         |--Deopalpus contiguus WZ10, G05
         |--Copecrypta ruficauda WZ10
         |--Dejeaniops ollachea WZ10
         |--Eulasiopalpus gertschi WZ10
         |--Adejeania vexatrix WZ10
         |--Eudejeania pallida WZ10
         |--Jurinella lutzi WZ10
         |--Archytas WZ10
         |    |--A. apicifer WZ10
         |    `--A. aterrima B37
         |--Eujuriniodes eva WZ10
         |--Cryptopalpus WZ10
         |--Phosocephala metallica WZ10
         |--Euepalpus flavicauda WZ10
         |--Gymnomma WZ10
         |--Parepalpus flavidus WZ10
         |--Xanthozona melanopyga WZ10
         |--Xanthoepalpus bicolor WZ10
         |--Quadratosoma WZ10
         |--Austeniops truncaticornis WZ10
         |--Lindigepalpus WZ10
         |--Anepalpus WZ10
         |--Jurinia pompalis WZ10
         |--Tachina KP10
         |--Mikia Kowarz 1885 F92
         |    `--*M. tepens (Walker 1849) (see below for synonymy) F92
         |--Schineria Rondani 1857 F92
         |    `--*S. tergesina Rondani 1859 [incl. S. setinervis Zimin 1974] F92
         |--Trichophora WZ10
         |    |--T. melas WZ10
         |    `--T. rufina WZ10
         |--Paradejeania rutilioides WZ10
         |    |--P. r. rutilioides WZ10
         |    `--P. r. nigrescens WZ10
         |--Protodejeania WZ10
         |    |--P. major WZ10
         |    `--P. pachecoi WZ10
         |--Rhachoepalpus WZ10
         |    |--R. immaculatus WZ10
         |    `--R. olivaceus WZ10
         |--Cuphocera Macquart 1845 [incl. Acuphocera Townsend 1926] F92
         |    |--*C. ruficornis (Macquart 1835) F92
         |    `--C. varia Fabricius 1794 F92 (see below for synonymy)
         |--Juriniopsis WZ10
         |    |--J. adusta WZ10
         |    |--J. badiiventris WZ10
         |    `--J. floridensis W87
         |--Epalpus WZ10
         |    |--E. albomaculatus WZ10
         |    |--E. rufipes WZ10
         |    `--E. signifer WZ10
         `--Servillia Robineau-Desvoidy 1830 (see below for synonymy) F92
              |--*S. ursina Meigen 1824 F92
              |--S. ardens Zimin 1929 F92
              `--S. planiforceps Chao 1962 F92

Tachininae incertae sedis:
  Siphonini WZ10
  Somoleja rebaptisata K01
  Ptilops chalybeata K01
  Plagiopsis soror K01
  Myiobia fenestrata K01
  Zophomyia temula K01
  Olivieria lateralis K01
  Plagia curvinervis K01
  Xysta holosericea K01
  Paralophora pusilla K01
  Syntomocera cristata K01
  Myiocera carinifrons K01
  Dinera K01
    |--D. grisescens W87
    |--D. nigripes Macquart 1847 E12
    `--D. rufifrons K01
  Acemyini WZ10
    |--Ceracia dentata WZ10
    `--Acemyia WZ10
         |--A. cinerea K01
         |--A. csikii Kertész 1901 K01
         `--A. subrotundata K01
  Ormia [Ormiini] W87
    |--O. depleta WZ10
    `--O. dominicana WZ10
  Glaurocara W87
  Polideini W87
  Loewia foeda [=Fortisia foeda] A71
  Macquartia Robineau-Desvoidy 1830 (see below for synonymy) F92
    |--*M. dispar (Fallén 1820) F92
    |--M. atrata K01
    |--M. obscura W87
    `--M. tenebricosa Meigen 1824 (see below for synonymy) F92
  Echinomyia A71
    |--E. algira Macquart 1847 E12
    `--E. fera A71
  Nemoraeini WZ10
  Pelatachina pellucida W87
  Voriini F92
    |--Voria Robineau-Desvoidy 1830 F92
    |    `--*V. ruralis (Fallén 1810) (see below for synonymy) F92
    |--Hyleorus Aldrich 1926 [incl. Neuroplagia Townsend 1933, Steiniomyia Townsend 1932] F92
    |    `--*H. elatus (Meigen 1838) [incl. Tachina setosa Brischke 1885] F92
    `--Kirbya [incl. Coleophasia, Hesperophasia, Hesperophasiopsis; Hesperophasiini] W87
         |--K. aldrichi W87
         |--K. pacifica WZ10
         `--K. setosa WZ10
  Wagneriini F92
  Thelairini F92
    |--Thelaira nigripes P93
    `--Halydaia Egger 1856 [incl. Anaperistommyia Townsend 1926, Macropia Malloch 1930] F92
         |--*H. aurea Egger 1856 F92
         `--H. luteicornis Walker 1861 [incl. Anaperistommyia optica Townsend 1926] F92
  Linnaemya Robineau-Desvoidy 1830 (see below for synonymy) F92
    |--*L. vulpina (Fallén 1810) F92
    |--L. comta Fallén 1810 (see below for synonymy) F92
    |--L. tessellata WZ10
    `--L. zachvatkini Zimin 1954 F92
  Ernestiini F92
    |--Panzeria [incl. Ernestia] W87
    |    `--P. ampelus WZ10
    `--Hyalurgus Brauer & Bergenstamm 1893 [incl. Microerigone Zimin 1960, Parastauferia Pokorny 1893] F92
         |--*H. lucida (Meigen 1824) F92
         |--H. crucigera Zetterstedt 1838 HP-W05
         `--H. sima Zimin 1960 [incl. H. spathulatus Mesnil 1967] F92

Cuphocera varia Fabricius 1794 F92 [incl. Jurinia angustiventris Macquart 1847 F92, E12, Cyphocera pyrrogaster Rondani 1859 F92, Acuphocera sumatrensis Townsend 1926 F92]

Linnaemya Robineau-Desvoidy 1830 [incl. Bonnetia Robineau-Desvoidy 1830, Micropalpus Macquart 1834; Linnaemyini] F92

Linnaemya comta Fallén 1810 [incl. Micropalpus humeralis Robineau-Desvoidy 1863, Bonnetia longipes Robineau-Desvoidy 1830, B. oenanthis Robineau-Desvoidy 1830] F92

Macquartia Robineau-Desvoidy 1830 [incl. Albiniola Mesnil 1972, Hesionella Mesnil 1972, Proteremoplax Enderlein 1936; Macquartiini] F92

Macquartia tenebricosa Meigen 1824 [incl. M. clausicella Rondani 1865, M. laeta Robineau-Desvoidy 1863, M. villica Robineau-Desvoidy 1836] F92

*Mikia tepens (Walker 1849) [incl. Echinomyia dendrolimusi Matsumura 1926, Fabricia magnifica Mik 1884] F92

Servillia Robineau-Desvoidy 1830 [incl. Parasmirnoviola Chao 1962, Pelus Gistel 1848, Smirnoviola Zimin 1931] F92

*Voria ruralis (Fallén 1810) [incl. V. ciliata d’Aguilar 1957, V. edentata Baranov 1932, Tachina spinicosta Palm 1876] F92

*Type species of generic name indicated


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Last updated: 23 November 2019.

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