Male (left) and female plants of Wurmbea dioica, copyright Murray Fagg.

Belongs within: Liliales.

The Colchicaceae are a family of perennial herbs growing from corms or rhizomes.

Characters (from here): Colchicine alkaloid present, flavones present, steroidal saponins absent; raphides absent; cuticular wax with parallel platelets; leaves conduplicate, blade with midrib (occasionally absent), base sheathing; inflorescence various, flowers axillary; tepals towards base U-shaped and folded around each stamen in bud, connate or not, sexine thick; styluli present, or style ± branched, or stigma with recurved lobes, wet or dry; ovules 2-many/carpel, ± ascending, orientation various, micropyle bistomal; antipodal cells multinucleate; capsule septicidal; seeds rounded, strophiole, sarcotesta or aril present; phlobaphene present; embryo small; chromosomes 1-16 ┬Ám long; cotyledon photosynthetic or not, bifacial (occasionally ligulate).

    |--Burchardia DS04
    |    |--B. congesta GK00
    |    |--B. monantha GK00
    |    |--B. multiflora DS04
    |    `--B. umbellata DS04
    `--+--Schelhammera multiflora DS04
       `--Wurmbea DS04
            |--W. dioica GK00
            |    |--W. d. ssp. dioica GK00
            |    `--W. d. ssp. alba GK00
            `--W. odorata KM08

Colchicaceae incertae sedis:
  Ornithoglossum calcicola P01, CV06
  Littonia P01
  Sandersonia P01
  Gloriosa superba P01, NDG98
  Colchicum P01
    |--C. autumnale Linnaeus 1753 HE80
    |--C. baytopiorum P01
    |--C. boissieri P01
    |--C. eichleri P01
    |--C. hierosolymitanum P01
    |--C. leptanthum Persson 2001 P01
    |--C. minutum P01
    |--C. munzurense Persson 1999 P01
    |--C. psaridis P01
    |--C. rausii P01
    |--C. serpentinum [incl. C. tauri] P01
    |--C. sieheanum P01
    |--C. soboliferum P01
    |--C. szovitsii P01
    `--C. trigynum P01
  Androcymbium exiguum CV06

*Type species of generic name indicated


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