Skunk cabbage Symplocarpus renifolius, photographed by Alpsdrake.

Belongs within: Araceae.

The Orontioideae are a group of aroid plants found in North America and eastern Asia. They are united by an expanded non-linear leaf blade, anatropous or hemianatropous ovules, a sparse or absent endosperm, and a base chromosome number of x = 13.

    |--Orontium [Orontieae] NS06
    |    `--O. aquaticum NS06
    `--+--Lysichiton NS06
       |    |--L. americanus NS06
       |    `--L. camtschatcensis NS06
       `--Symplocarpus [Symplocarpeae] NS06
            |  i. s.: S. nabekuraensis NS06
            |--S. nipponicus NS06
            `--+--S. foetidus NS06
               `--S. renifolius NS06

*Type species of generic name indicated


[NS06] Nie, Z.-L., H. Sun, H. Li & J. Wen. 2006. Intercontinental biogeography of subfamily Orontioideae (Symplocarpus, Lysichiton, and Orontium) of Araceae in eastern Asia and North America. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 40 (1): 155–165.

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