Clinocera cf. stagnalis, copyright Rui Andrade.

Belongs within: Empidoidea.
Contains: Empidini.

The Empididae, dance flies, are a group of long-legged flies that get their vernacular name in reference to the courtship displays performed by males of some species. Compared to the closely related Hybotidae, they are characterised by wings with a fork in vein R4+5 and the costa continuing past the wing tip.

<==Empididae [Empidinea, Empidoinea] CS09
    |--Ceratomerus CM91 [Ceratomerinae GE05]
    |--Hemerodromiinae SK81
    |    |  i. s.: Colabris rufescens CS09
    |    |--Chelipodini SK81
    |    |    |--Chelipoda contracta CS09
    |    |    `--Phyllodromia americana SK81
    |    `--Hemerodromiini SK81
    |         |--Chelifera obsoleta SK81
    |         |--Thanategia recurvata SK81
    |         |--Metachela SK81
    |         |--Neoplasta scapularis SK81
    |         `--Hemerodromia SK81
    |              |--H. oratoria CS09
    |              `--H. rogatoris SK81
    |--Clinocerinae SK81
    |    |--Dolichocephala argus SK81
    |    |--Wiedemannia SK81
    |    |--Niphogenia eucera SK81
    |    |--Ceratempis longicornis SK81
    |    |--Oreothalia SK81
    |    |--Boreodromia bicolor SK81
    |    |--Proclinopyga SK81
    |    |--Trichoclinocera hamifera SK81
    |    |--Asymphyloptera CS09
    |    |--Roederiodes SK81
    |    |    |--R. recurvatus SK81
    |    |    |--R. wigginsi CS09
    |    |    `--R. wirthi CS09
    |    `--Clinocera CS09
    |         |--C. caerulea WT11
    |         |--C. lineata SK81
    |         |--C. rubriventris CS09
    |         `--C. stagnalis SK81
    `--Empidinae SK81
         |  i. s.: Turonempis styx GE05
         |         Brochella monticola SK81
         |         Toreus neomexicanus SK81
         |         Philetus SK81
         |         Hesperempis SK81
         |         Ragas primigenia SK81
         |         Hormopeza brevicornis SK81
         |         Anthepiscopus SK81
         |         Iteaphila macquarti SK81
         |         Gloma luctuosa SK81
         |         Oreogeton [Oreogetoninae] SK81
         |           `--O. scopifer WT11
         |--Empidini CS09
         `--Hilarini CS09
              |--Aplomera CS09
              |--Hilarempis facilis CS09
              `--Hilara SK81
                   |--H. femorata SK81
                   `--H. mutabilis SK81

Empididae incertae sedis:
  Kowarzia TBG00
  Helempis GE05
  Phaetempis lebanensis GE05
  Ecommocydromia difficilis GE05
  Burmitempis halteralis GE05
  Emplita GE05
  Nemedromia GE05
  Neoturonius GE05
  Prolatomyia GE05
  Cretodromia GE05
  Proagomyia CM91
  Atrichopleura caesia CM91

*Type species of generic name indicated


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Last updated: 14 June 2018.

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