Ormyrus orientalis, copyright ICAR-National Bureau of Agricultural Insect Resources.

Belongs within: Chalcidoidea.

The Ormyridae are a group of chalcidoid wasps that parasitise plant galls of other insects (Bouček 1988). The majority of species are included in a single genus Ormyrus; attempts to divide this morphologically diverse genus into finer subgroups have generally not been successful.

See also: Ormyrids: attacking the gall.

Characters (from Bouček 1988): Antenna thirteen-segmented; gena posteriorly rounded; occipital carina present, horseshoe-shaped; pronotum relatively short; notauli complete, posteriorly subparallel; forewing with marginal vein at least five times as long as narrow pedunculate part of stigmal vein, without linea calva; tarsi five-segmented; gaster always strongly sclerotised, often with coarse sculpture, sometimes sculpture reduced to small longitudinal ridges bearing a bristle at apex; male gaster broader than high, with at least a blunt edge on sides; cerci reduced to low plates, placed on undivided sclerotised epipygium which is subconical in female, or in form of transverse plate in male; ovipositor not exserted.

<==Ormyridae [Ormyrinae] HB13
    |--*Ormyrulus gibbus B88
    `--Ormyrus Westwood 1832 (see below for synonymy) B88
         |--*O. punctiger B88
         |--O. australiensis Girault 1915 B88
         |--O. bicarinatus Girault 1915 B88
         |--O. bicoloripes Girault 1915 B88
         |--O. brevicaudis MS01
         |--O. carinativentris Girault 1915 B88
         |--‘Torymus (*Chrysoideus)’ chrysidiformis B88
         |--O. langlandi Girault 1920 [incl. Tribaeus decaryi Risbec 1955] B88
         |--O. longicornis Bouček 1970 B88
         |--O. orientalis B88
         |--O. rosae HB13
         |--O. silvae Girault 1925 B88
         |--O. variolosus MS01
         `--O. watshami B88

Ormyrus Westwood 1832 [incl. Chrysoideus De Stefani 1898, Cyrtosoma Perris 1840, Monobaeus Förster 1860, Periglyphus Boheman 1833, Siphonura Nees 1834, Tribaeus Förster 1860, Wania Risbec 1951] B88

*Type species of generic name indicated


[B88] Bouček, Z. 1988. Australasian Chalcidoidea (Hymenoptera): A biosystematic revision of genera of fourteen families, with a reclassification of species. CAB International: Wallingford (UK).

[HB13] Heraty, J. M., R. A. Burks, A. Cruaud, G. A. P. Gibson, J. Liljeblad, J. Munro, J.-Y. Rasplus, G. Delvare, P. Janšta, A. Gumovsky, J. Huber, J. B. Woolley, L. Krogmann, S. Heydon, A. Polaszek, S. Schmidt, D. C. Darling, M. W. Gates, J. Mottern, E. Murray, A. D. Molin, S. Triapitsyn, H. Baur, J. D. Pinto, S. van Noort, J. George & M. Yoder. 2013. A phylogenetic analysis of the megadiverse Chalcidoidea (Hymenoptera). Cladistics 29: 466–542.

[MS01] Mocsáry, A., & V. Szépligeti. 1901. Hymenopterák [Hymenopteren]. In: Horváth, G. (ed.) Zichy Jenő Gróf Harmadik Ázsiai Utazása [Dritte Asiatische Forschungsreise des Grafen Eugen Zichy] vol. 2. Zichy Jenő Gróf Harmadik Ázsiai Utazásának Állattani Eredményei [Zoologische Ergebnisse der Dritten Asiatischen Forschungsreise des Grafen Eugen Zichy] pp. 121–169. Victor Hornyánszky: Budapest, and Karl W. Hierseman: Leipzig.

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