Tailed jay Graphium agamemnon, copyright Peellden.

Belongs within: Rhopalocera.
Contains: Troidini, Papilio.

The Papilionidae, swallowtails, are a group of large butterflies characterised by the presence of an epiphysis on the fore tibia.

Characters (from Braby 2000): Adults large, boldly patterned, often with brilliant colours. Antennae relatively close together at base. Forewing with five-branched radial vein, R4 and R5 usually stalked, and two anal veins with 2A running freely to dorsum; hind wing with humeral vein present, single anal vein present, tornus often conspicuously tailed. Both sexes with six functional legs; fore tibia with epiphysis; tarsi with simple, well-developed apical claws. Egg almost spherical, usually smooth. Final instar larva stout, often bearing series of dorsal processes or spines that may be long and fleshy; thorax sometimes humped, always bearing eversible osmeterium; crochets of prolegs in biordinal or triordinal mesoseries. Pupa attached by cremaster, held upright by central girdle.

    |--Baronia [Baroniinae] S-BF05
    |    `--B. brevicornis Salvin 1893 S-BF05
    `--+--Parnassiinae S-BF05
       |    |--Thaites ruminiana GE05
       |    |--Luehdorfitis bosniaskii GE05
       |    `--Parnassius S-BF05
       |         |--P. apollo Im92
       |         |--P. bremeri GE05
       |         |--P. citrinarius T07
       |         |--P. eversmanni Iw92
       |         |    |--P. e. eversmanni Iw92
       |         |    `--P. e. daisetsuzanus Matsumura 1926 Iw92
       |         |--P. nomion P01
       |         `--P. phoebus (Fabricius 1973) S-BF05
       `--Papilioninae S-BF05
            |  i. s.: Leptocircini NC91
            |         Teinopalpus [Teinopalpini] B00
            |--+--Troidini S-BF05
            |  `--Papilionini B00
            |       |--Papilio S-BF05
            |       `--Meandrusa B00
            `--Graphiini S-BF05
                 |--Protographium Munroe 1961 S-BF05, B00 [Lampropterini]
                 |    |--P. leosthenes (Doubleday 1846) B00
                 |    |    |--P. l. leosthenes B00
                 |    |    `--P. l. geimbia (Tindale 1927) B00
                 |    |--P. marcellinus J03
                 |    `--P. marcellus (Cramer 1777) [=Eurytides marcellus] S-BF05
                 `--Graphium Scopoli 1777 B00
                      |--G. agamemnon (Linnaeus 1758) S-BF05
                      |    |--G. a. agamemnon B00
                      |    `--G. a. ligatus (Rothschild 1895) B00
                      |--G. agesilaus S55
                      |    |--G. a. agesilaus S55
                      |    `--G. a. autosilaus (Bates 1861) S55
                      |--G. aristeus (Stoll 1780) B00
                      |    |--G. a. aristeus B00
                      |    `--G. a. parmatus (Gray 1853) B00
                      |--G. dolicaon S55
                      |    |--G. d. dolicaon S55
                      |    `--G. d. deileon (Felder 1864) S55
                      |--G. doson Iw92
                      |    |--G. d. doson Iw92
                      |    |--G. d. albidum (Wileman 1903) Iw92
                      |    `--G. d. perillus Iw92
                      |--G. eurypylus (Linnaeus 1758) B00
                      |    |--G. e. eurypylus B12
                      |    |--G. e. lycaon (Felder & Felder 1865) B00
                      |    |--G. e. lycaonides (Rothschild 1895) B00
                      |    `--G. e. nyctimus (Waterhouse & Lyell 1914) B12
                      |--G. harmodius (Doubleday 1846) S55
                      |--G. macfarlanei (Butler 1877) B00
                      |--G. macleayanus (Leach 1814) B00
                      |    |--G. m. macleayanus [incl. G. macleayanus wilsoni Couchman 1965] B00
                      |    |--G. m. insulana B00
                      |    `--G. m. moggana Couchman 1965 B00
                      |--G. pausanias (Hewitson 1852) S55
                      |--G. sarpedon (Linnaeus 1758) B00
                      |    |--G. s. sarpedon B00
                      |    `--G. s. choredon (Felder & Felder 1864) B00
                      `--G. telesilaus (Felder 1864) S55

Papilionidae incertae sedis:
  Bhutanitis GE05
  Praepapilio GE05
    |--P. colorado GE05
    `--P. gracilis GE05
  Iphiclides podalirius AN-A04
    |--I. p. podalirius AN-A04
    `--I. p. feisthamelii AN-A04
  Sericinus telamon P01
  Thais polyxena P01
  Zerynthia polyxena P93

*Type species of generic name indicated


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[T07] Tsurusaki, N. 2007. The Chugoku Mountains—a hotspot of geographical differentiation of species. Taxa 22: 3–14.

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