Short-horned baronia Baronia brevicornis, copyright Fritz Geller-Grimm.

Belongs within: Obtectomera.
Contains: Teracolus, Papilioninae, Parnassiinae.

The Papilionidae, swallowtails, are a group of large butterflies characterised by the presence of an epiphysis on the fore tibia. The short-horned baronia Baronia brevicornis of Mexico is placed as its own subfamily as the sister taxon of all other living species (Silva-Brandão et al. 2005).

Characters (from Braby 2000): Adults large, boldly patterned, often with brilliant colours. Antennae relatively close together at base. Forewing with five-branched radial vein, R4 and R5 usually stalked, and two anal veins with 2A running freely to dorsum; hind wing with humeral vein present, single anal vein present, tornus often conspicuously tailed. Both sexes with six functional legs; fore tibia with epiphysis; tarsi with simple, well-developed apical claws. Egg almost spherical, usually smooth. Final instar larva stout, often bearing series of dorsal processes or spines that may be long and fleshy; thorax sometimes humped, always bearing eversible osmeterium; crochets of prolegs in biordinal or triordinal mesoseries. Pupa attached by cremaster, held upright by central girdle.

    |--Baronia [Baroniinae] S-BF05
    |    `--B. brevicornis Salvin 1893 S-BF05
    `--+--Papilioninae S-BF05
       `--Parnassiinae S-BF05

Papilionidae incertae sedis:
  Bhutanitis GE05
  Praepapilio GE05
    |--P. colorado GE05
    `--P. gracilis GE05
  Iphiclides AN-A04
    |--I. ajax RD77
    `--I. podalirius AN-A04
         |--I. p. podalirius AN-A04
         `--I. p. feisthamelii AN-A04
  Sericinus telamon P01
  ‘Thais’ Fabricius 1807 non Röding 1798 P01, BR05
    |--T. polyxena P01
    `--T. rumina G20
  Zerynthia polyxena P93
  Teracolus B01a
  Glutophrissa contracta B01a
  Herpaenia eriphia B01a
  Eronia E01b
    |--E. dilatata B01a
    `--E. leda B01b
  Pinacopteryx B01b
    |--P. astarte B01b
    |--P. gerda B01b
    |--P. orbona [incl. P. larima] B01b
    |--P. pigea B01b
    `--P. rubrobasalis [incl. P. vidua] B01b
  Nychitona medusa B01b

*Type species of generic name indicated


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Last updated: 1 March 2021.

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