Charletonia sp., copyright Pfliegler Walter.

Belongs within: Callidosomatinae.

Charletonia is a cosmopolitan genus of medium to large-sized erythraeid mites, adults of which were originally described in the genus Sphaerolophus before their synonymy with the larval Charletonia was recognised.

Characters (from Southcott 1991): Larva with one eye on each side, circular. Dorsal scutum generally quite rounded or roughly pentagonal, with bases of posterior sensilla generally protruding posteriad; may be triangular with rounded angles; anterior margin may be convex, flattened, sinuous or concave; with three pairs of scutalae (except teratologically) and two pairs of sensilla. Pedal coxalae 1, 2, 2. Pedal trochanteralae 1, 1, 1. Palpal tibia1 claw bifurcate. No accessory peg to palpal tribial claw. Pedal posterior tarsal claw with pulvilliform element only, without hook. Galeala setulose or asetulose. Adults and deutonymphs with one circular eye on each side, behind middle of crista. Crista with two sensillary areas, the anterior at vertex of idiosoma. Idiosomal setation dense, setae setulose or asetulose. Palpal tarsus enlarged, globular or pyriform, generally projecting well beyond palpal tibial claw.

<==Charletonia Oudemans 1910 S91 (see below for synonymy)
    |--C. cardinalis (Koch 1837) S91 (see below for synonymy)
    |--C. agatae S91
    |--C. alarobiaensis S91
    |--C. aranea Southcott 1966 S91
    |--C. areolata (Trägårdh 1908) [=Erythraeus areolatus] S91
    |--C. arlettae S91
    |--C. banksi Southcott 1966 S91
    |--C. barbata Southcott 1966 [incl. C. grandjeani Southcott 1966] S91
    |--C. berlesiana (Paoli 1937) S91 [=Balaustium berlesianum S66]
    |--C. blascoi WL09
    |--C. braunsi (Oudemans 1910) [=Erythraeus braunsi] S66
    |--C. brunni (Oudemans 1910) S91 [=Erythraeus brunni S66, Balaustium brunni S66]
    |--C. bucephalia Beron 1975 S91
    |--C. buforania (Womersley 1934) [=Erythraeus buforanius, E. buforianus (l. c.)] S91
    |--‘Rhyncholophus’ cavannae Berlese 1885 [=Sphaerolophus (*Cavannea) cavannae] S61
    |    |--R. c. cavannae S61
    |    `--‘Sphaerolophus’ c. corcyraeus Berlese 1910 S61
    |--C. danangensis S91
    |--C. doratae S91
    |--C. edytae S91
    |--C. enghoffi Southcott 1991 S91
    |--C. falcata Southcott 1966 S91
    |--C. feideri Southcott 1966 S91
    |--C. froggatti (Oudemans 1910) S91 [=Erythraeus froggatti S91, C. frogatti (l. c.) S66]
    |--‘Rhyncholophus’ globiger Berlese 1885 (see below for synonymy) S61
    |--C. goliatha (Berlese 1910) [=Sphaerolophus goliathus] S91
    |--C. hermanni Southcott 1966 S91
    |--C. huensis S91
    |--C. ishii Southcott 1991 S91
    |--C. iwonae S91
    |--C. jaegerskioeldi (Trägårdh 1904) S91 (see below for synonymy)
    |--C. jolantae S91
    |--C. keyi Southcott 1983 S91
    |--C. kibonotensis (Trägårdh 1908) S91 [=Erythraeus kibonotensis S66, E. kibonatensis (l. c.) S66]
    |--C. krendowskyi (Feider 1954) S91 [=Erythraeus krendowskyi S66, Erythraes (l. c.) krendowskyi S66]
    |--C. lankensis Southcott 1988 S91
    |--C. lawrencei Southcott 1966 S91
    |--‘Erythraeus’ milloti André 1946 [=Sphaerolophus milloti] S61
    |--C. miyazakii (Kawashima 1958) S91 [=Callidosoma miyazakii S66]
    |--‘Sphaerolophus (Cavannea) mollicomus Berlese 1910 S61
    |--‘Erythraeus (Erythrolophus)’ mollis Berlese 1923 S61
    |--C. naivashae Southcott 1991 S91
    |--C. nishidai Southcott 1991 S91
    |--C. novaehollandiae Oudemans 1941 (n. d.) H98 (see below for synonymy)
    |--‘Sphaerolophus’ novus Oudemans 1927 S61
    |--C. ojimai (Kishida 1929) S91 [=Erythraeus ojimai S66, Callidosoma ojimai S66]
    |--C. okinawaensis (Kitahara & Takara 1964) [=Callidosoma okinawaensis] S91
    |--C. oudemansi Southcott 1966 S91
    |--C. paolii Southcott 1966 S91
    |--C. perthensis (Womersley 1934) [=Erythraeus perthense] S91
    |--C. philometra Southcott 1991 S91
    |--‘Achorolophus’ porcinus Hull 1918 [=Leptus porcinus, Sphaerolophus porcinus] S61
    |--C. rageaui Southcott 1966 S91
    |--C. rocciai Treat & Flechtmann 1979 S91
    |--C. shiroyama Yaita, Kato & Toriyama 1961 [incl. C. domrowi Southcott 1966] S91
    |--‘Rhyncholophus’ siculiformis Trägårdh 1904 S61
    |--C. southcotti Kawashima 1961 S91
    |--C. striaticeps Southcott 1991 S91
    |--C. swaziana (Lawrence 1940) S91 [=Erythraeus swazianus S66]
    |--C. taiwanensis Tsai & Chow 1988 S91
    |--C. tamarae S91
    |--C. tatianae S91
    |--C. tragardhi Southcott 1966 S91
    |--C. venus Southcott 1966 S91
    |--C. vitzthumi Southcott 1966 S91
    |--C. volzi (Oudemans 1910) S91 [=Erythraeus volzi S66, Sphaerolophus volzi S91]
    |--C. westraliensis (Womersley 1934) [=Sphaerolophus westraliense] S91
    |--C. womersleyi Southcott 1966 S91
    `--C. wrighti Southcott 1991 S91

Charletonia Oudemans 1910 S91 [incl. Cavannea Berlese 1910 S91, Coerythrolophus Radford 1950 S61, Erythrolophus Berlese 1920 non Swinhoe 1892 S61, Morieria Oudemans 1941 S61, Sphaerolophus Berlese 1910 S91]

Charletonia cardinalis (Koch 1837) S91 [=Rhyncholophus cardinalis S61, Abrolophus cardinalis S61, Acarus cardinalis CF77, Achorolophus cardinalis S61, Erythraeus cardinalis S91, Sphaerolophus cardinalis S91; incl. Erythraeus singularis Oudemans 1910 S91, *Charletonia singularis S91, Hehlenia singularis S66, Smaris singularis S66]

Charletonia jaegerskioeldi (Trägårdh 1904) S91 [=Erythraeus jaegerskioeldi S91, Balaustium jaegerskioeldi S66, Erythraeus jaegerskioldi (l. c.) S66, Erytraeus (l. c.) jaegerskioeldi S66]

Charletonia novaehollandiae (Oudemans 1941) (n. d.) H98 [=*Morieria novaehollandiae S61, Erythraeus (*Erythrolophus) froggatti Berlese 1920 non E. froggatti Oudemans 1910 S61, *Coerythrolophus froggatti S61]

‘Rhyncholophus’ globiger Berlese 1885 [=Belaustium (l. c. for Balaustium) globigerum, R. (Achorolophus) globiger, *Sphaerolophus globiger] S61

*Type species of generic name indicated


[CF77] Canestrini, G., & F. Fanzago. 1877. Intorno agli Acari Italiani. Atti del Reale Istituto Veneto di Scienze, Lettere ed Arti, Serie 5, 4: 69–208, pls 2–7.

[S61] Southcott, R. V. 1961. Studies on the systematics and biology of the Erythraeoidea (Acarina), with a critical revision of the genera and subfamilies. Australian Journal of Zoology 9: 367–610.

[S66] Southcott, R. V. 1966. Revision of the genus Charletonia Oudemans (Acarina: Erythraeidae). Australian Journal of Zoology 14: 687–819.

[S91] Southcott, R. V. 1991. A further revision of Charletonia (Acarina: Erythraeidae) based on larvae, protonymphs and deutonymphs. Invertebrate Taxonomy 5: 61–131.

[WL09] Walter, D. E., E. E. Lindquist, I. M. Smith, D. R. Cook & G. W. Krantz. 2009. Order Trombidiformes. In: Krantz, G. W., & D. E. Walter (eds) A Manual of Acarology 3rd ed. pp. 233–420. Texas Tech University Press.

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