Double-crested cormorants Phalacrocorax auritus, photographed by Larry Thompson.

Belongs within: Sulida.

Phalacrocorax is a genus of cormorants or shags. The circumscription of this genus varies significantly between authors: some would use it to cover all or almost all shags, while others restrict it to the larger black-footed species.

<==Phalacrocorax Brisson 1760 M02 (see below for synonymy)
    |--‘Graculus’ africanus S66
    |--P. albiventer FST81
    |--P. aristotelis (Linnaeus 1761) (see below for synonymy) M02
    |--P. atriceps FP64
    |--P. auritus M03
    |--P. bougainvillei A61
    |--P. brasilianus TB01
    |--P. campbelli FST81
    |--P. capensis FP64
    |--P. capillatus SU93
    |--P. carbo (Linnaeus 1758) WH02 [=Pelecanus carbo M02; incl. P. novaezealandiae var. major Forbes 1892 WH02]
    |    |--P. c. carbo R85
    |    |--P. c. novaehollandiae HR96
    |    |--P. c. sinensis VP89
    |    `--P. c. steadi (Mathews & Iredale 1913) R85
    |--P. carunculatus TB01
    |--P. chalconotus FST81
    |--P. colensoi FST81
    |--P. filamentosus T89
    |--P. fuscescens SJ85
    |--P. fuscicollis SU93
    |--P. gaimardi M03
    |--P. harrisi M03
    |--P. ibericus Villalta 1963 [=P. ibericum] M02
    |--P. intermedius (Milne-Edwards 1867) (see below for synonymy) M02
    |--P. lautus Kuročkin & Ganea 1972 M02
    |--P. littoralis (Milne-Edwards 1863) [=Graculus littoralis, *Oligocorax littoralis] M02
    |--P. longipes (Tugarinov 1940) [=*Pliocarbo longipes] M02
    |--P. melanoleucos Gould 1837 WH02 [=Microcarbo melanoleucos HWT01]
    |    |--P. m. melanoleucos R85
    |    |--P. m. brevicauda HR96
    |    `--P. m. brevirostris Gould 1837 R85
    |--P. niger SU93
    |--P. olivaceus M03
    |--P. onslowi FST81
    |--P. pelagicus SU93
    |--P. penicillatus M03
    |--P. perspicillatus FP64
    |--P. purpurascens VR72
    |--P. pygmeus SU93 [=Microcarbo pygmaeus S89]
    |--P. ranfurlyi FST81
    |--P. serdicensis Burčak-Abramovič & Nikolov 1984 M02
    |--P. stewarti G60
    |--P. sulcirostris (Brandt 1837) R85
    |--P. urile (Gmelin 1789) I92
    |--P. varius (Gmelin 1789) WH02 [=Hypoleucos varius HWT01]
    |    |--P. v. varius HR96
    |    `--P. v. hypoleucos HR96
    `--P. wetmorei FP64

Nomen nudum: Carbo risgoviensis Fraas in Engel 1908 [=Phalacrocorax risgoviensis] M02

Phalacrocorax Brisson 1760 M02 [incl. Botaurites Ammon 1918 M02, Carbo Lacépède 1799 B94, Graculus Koch 1816 B94, Halieus Illiger 1811 B94, Oligocorax Brodkorb 1952 M02, Paracorax Lambrecht 1933 M02, Pliocarbo Tugarinov 1940 M02; Carboninae, Halieinae, Phalacrocoracinae]

Phalacrocorax aristotelis (Linnaeus 1761) [=Pelecanus aristotelis; incl. Ph. destefanii Regàlia 1902, *Paracorax destefanii, Ph. destefani] M02

Phalacrocorax intermedius (Milne-Edwards 1867) [=Graculus intermedius, Miocorax intermedius; incl. *Botaurites avitus Ammon 1918, Ardea brunhuberi Ammon 1918, Phalacrocorax brunhuberi, P. praecarbo Ammon 1918] M02

*Type species of generic name indicated


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